Kairi - Kingdom Hearts II




My first costume and I was very proud, although it is a bit too baggy... I need to take it in. Me and some friends were the KH trio, we were awesome. They forced me to be Kairi even though Fi is even shorter than me. And she got to be Riku. D<

I used suede (or a fake copy of it can't remember or tell) because its really nice material and doesn't need hemming.

When I first wore this I had to sew myself in because it is kind of hard to put on. Pretty much made the bag and belt for free since we were making bags at the time in textiles, and I just used all their materials and facilities.

Altogther not too bad for my first try.


CrystalNeko posted on 5 November, 2008 - 18:31
LOL, oh gosh. I remember the expo morning with the photos, so hyper! XD Wooo Kairi! We must do the KH trio again someday!! [Once I grow a few feet >_>;] You lieee as well. You first wore this at the Bristol Expo xP [Because you were all yelling at me for not wearing Riku as I wore Misa, I remember well...]

Saz13 posted on 6 November, 2008 - 22:17
Oh yeah, i forgot that. I asked Charlee though. London's cooler than Bristol though. :D

Charlie-Bear posted on 6 November, 2008 - 22:48
Lol thats right you listen to me Kairi 8D Now... I LOVED YOUR KAIRI! I CANT BELIEVE ITS YOUR FIST COSPLAY ITS SOOOO AWESOME IM SO PROUD~!!! And you should be too!! Take it in and one of us will lend ya a wig for a photoshoot missy!! >D