L/Lawliet - Death Note





I finally got to find a decent white jumper and pair of jeans from Tesco XD;; now all I need is the wig.
I chose this character because he seemed interesting, and after finally getting to read the manga, i like him even more. The other reason why I like this costume is because it's casual, and comfortable when compared to my other costumes, but that might just be because my last convention (ame07) was really hot and my wigs hated me :P

I had ordered a wig from Lulu-Rose but the mail strikes caused the wig she ordered to get to her late and my payment to get to her late, so I had to get a random cheap wig from the shop. It's a boy band wig ^ ^;;; it looked good tho. I chose to wear sandals with it too.

I ended up wearing this most of the time, but the hotel was cold in some places so I ended up wearing my Nekozawa cape. It was fun wearing it to the Tales of Robin Hood and getting pictures of L in some stocks with a Bounty bar XDDD

I ended up wearing it on the last day while I was Nekozawa lol ^ ^;;;


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