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Just a little something I've wanted to do for a while... :3
Will possibly unveil the mystery closer to the con!

EDIT: 23/05/2013

Moving this back to "Planned" for now so I can de-clutter my account a bit. Makes sense to only keep the ones I'm actually working on currently in the "In Progress" bit. It'll get finished eventually XD


Telly posted on 29 January, 2012 - 12:08
Omnmnom yes <3

Sephirayne posted on 2 May, 2012 - 01:43
Corset looks great. Can't wait to see the rest ^^

Amy-Lou posted on 27 June, 2012 - 20:52
I just saw some art and thought 'hang on a minute I recognise that corset' and I was right! This is gonna be beautiful :D

Yuka posted on 16 August, 2012 - 21:25
I know what this iiiiiisss!! Can't wait to see progress :D

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Progress Journal

Well fuck... (Posted 16th May 2012)

Major ARGH ;_____;

So I rang Fabricland's warehouse today to see if I could order more of my fabric in but they don't stock it any more, like, at all...

I ended up spending hours looking online for a match but couldn't find anything, checked 5 local fabric shops and couldn't find anything there either...

So now I've come to the conclusion that after spending hours sealing and appliqué-ing designs onto the dupion and cutting out most of my bits and embroidering and everything...

............I now have to start over completely.

I've had to spend another £50 on base fabric (that isn't even as pretty) so I can remake all the pieces I've already made. It also means I'm going to have to remake, reseal and resew all my fiddly bits for appliqué all over again...

I seriously just want to cry right now.

Commence Panic (Posted 16th May 2012)

So the spikes and gems have been painted.
The cuffs are all cut out and embroidered, just need to be assembled.
The sleeve bands have been appliqued, need to be hemmed.
The 2 main skirt pieces have been cut out.

But major problem.
After cutting out the main skirt pieces I've pretty much run out of my main fabric. The pieces I have left aren't big enough for the front and back skirt overlays and even so I couldn't go against the grain.

The bad part? Fabricland doesn't stock it anymore and I don't know the colour name/product code to order any online...
I've spent the last 30mins-1hr looking online to try and look for the right colour but I'm having NO luck whatsoever...

Seriously panicking now. If I can't get any before the 20th then this isn't going to get finished in time for Expo...

More collar (Posted 15th May 2012)

All applique is done! Just needs closures and a gem now :D

Fffffffff pity it's only the bloody collar!
Still so much left to do!

Bits! (Posted 15th May 2012)

Woo I has some bits :D was rather thrifty today methinks~

- Beads/gems to paint (taken off a necklace) [EDIT: found some better ones, may not need these after all]
- Metal spikes, currently painting (taken off a studded wrist strap + odd ones for cheap)
- Swarovski beads for necklace
- Gold pendants for earrings (taken off two necklaces)

Nooooo (Posted 13th May 2012)

Collar and sleeve bands progress
Man I am not looking forward to appliqué-ing all the gold tomorrow...

At least the corset and wig are both done, hopefully the boots will arrive soon so I can get them done too D:

Collar (Posted 11th May 2012)

Finished my collar mock-up, looks pretty simple but caused me no end of annoyance! Maybe it's just because I'm tired and ill :<

Anyways, will make the real one tomorrow~

Wig (Posted 11th May 2012)

My base wig finally arrived~
Quite a bit of work to do but not nearly as much as Serenade so hopefully it shouldn't take too long!

Corset! (Posted 2nd May 2012)

Hokay so I just finished the corset :D made leather bias and sealed the edges, inserted the gold eyelets and threaded a black test ribbon (the proper one will be gold)

Photos are fairly self explanatory:
top left + top center = me wearing the corset
top right = corset with fosshape bust cups (before heating)
bottom left + bottom center = corset on the mannequin
bottom right = detail on eyelets/front lacing bones

Proud to see my hand-embroidery all done, thankfully any messy bits aren't noticeable from a distance >_>

Testing the top (Posted 1st May 2012)

Trying to find the right shape for the bust cups, the horrible seam down the front will only be on the lining, hoping to use some of my leftover Fosshape so it stays nice and rounded :D

Guess we'll see how this works out...

Updated pretties (Posted 30th April 2012)

All three of the bejewelled danglies~

Still not sure if it needs more beads or not, there are only 85 so far...

Corset embroidery - complete! (Posted 19th April 2012)

Embroidery is all done now, I can finally finish up the corset and move on to other bits :D

Also ordered my base wig today, exciting stuff~

Corset embroidery WIP 2 (Posted 27th February 2012)

Yay this is the embroidery at about 70% done, I've actually sewn more since this was taken but haven't got an updated photo yet so the next one should be the finished corset :D

It's nice to know I have a ton of time to work on a cosplay for once!

Pretties! (Posted 5th February 2012)

1 of 3 bejewelled danglies :D

Still needs more beads...

Corset embroidery WIP (Posted 5th February 2012)

A mixture of chain stitch and couching, probably about 10% of the full design so far, this is gonna kill my fingers!
Wish me luck~

Corset WIP (Posted 4th February 2012)

Been working on the reverse corset (back-to-front and upside-down BY DESIGN), it started off being a massive brain-melty conundrum but it seems to be coming out very nice! Really quite pleased so far :3 the boning and lacing bones are all cut/sized up but I can't insert them and finish the edges until the leatherette has been embroidered...

Beeeaaads (Posted 4th February 2012)

So been working on the corset for this, it's gonna be made of leatherette with a load of embroidery/applique D: not looking forward to that!
It's already been confusing enough as the design calls for the corset to be made back-to-front and upside-down! WHUT

On the upside, a third of my pretty beads have arrived~

Oops (Posted 4th February 2012)

So, after all the Kitacon cosplay planning for the committee I've been itching to get crafting again as I haven't since Aya!

I didn't make a great start on this project though as I got the wrong coloured fabric (sort of) but as it was £13.50 per meter I'm just going to alter the whole colour spectrum to suit it :3