Undertaker - Kuroshitsuji: Ciel in Wonderland OVA


Amecon 2012




There are several reasons I decided to do this costume!
1) I already had an Undertaker wig, 'memento mori' jewellery & ring from last year's costume
2) Undertaker is awesome
3) I wanted that jacket!

The jacket was the most difficult and time-consuming part. I spent about six days working on it, at around 4-6 hours each day.

When it comes to the most fiddly bits, that was probably the hat (which I bodged a little) and the boot covers (which were just a pain in the bum when it came to sewing elastic to the bottom of them!)

The trousers were probably the easiest thing to make--I made them in a day!

I already had some of the fabric I needed for this costume, mostly the other stuff I needed to buy was pretty cheap except for the striped trouser fabric...which worked out almost as expensive as buying a pair of striped trousers! Despite this I opted to take the time to make my own so that I could make them to fit me, and be the right shape!


Sephirayne posted on 8 September, 2012 - 02:14
This is really good. Love that you did this version ^^

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Progress Journal

4th July 2012

Oh you booty!

Boot covers are finito!
The pic shows the boots I started out with (also using these for Grell cosplay!) and a covered boot.
This time around the boot covers zip up the side as well as being held on by elastic underneath the boot.
They're slightly 'wavy' around the zips, because the zipper foot for the sewing machine stretched the vinyl as I sewed it. For the rest of the boot covers I used a rolling foot as it's made of plastic and has a little wheel that just feeds the fabric through (and the fabric doesn't stick to it). This is obviously rather annoying!

The buckles are made from cardboard (cat food boxes lol) and covered with foil. No expense spared there obviously ^_~

Since the zips ended up being a little too short (despite measuring before buying) I sewed on a hook and eye to the top of each boot cover.

And with that, the construction of this cosplay is completed! Roll on Amecon!

2nd July 2012

Cover your booty

Boot covers are under way!
I've been putting this part off, since I've only made them once before and they didn't turn out amazingly well.

Today I finished off the basic covers and cut the straps. I'm opting to make buckles with foil-covered cardboard since eight large metal buckles wouldn't be cheap and I've run out of cosplay-money!

Tried a new method of making a pattern--wrapped boot in clingfilm, covered in packing tape, then marked the place for the back/front seams and where the zip would go. Cut carefully along the lines and then drew around the pieces onto scrap paper to make a pattern! Did the same with my leg for the leg part of the boot cover (I'm working with ankle boots).
It didn't work -fantastically- but worked well enough I think! Just needed to be careful with cutting the clingfilm/tape off the boot, since I nearly cut the bootlaces a couple of times. Not cool.

The covers themselves are a little short, but it turns out the zips I bought are a bit shorter than I could've done with them being (typical....I even measured TWICE to make sure...)

I could nitpick these bootcovers to hell so far, but really considering it's just a second try they're not turning out too bad!

27th June 2012

Hatterly Mad

Finished the hat today by adding the '10/6' sign and the fork!
The fork is just plastic, from a set of 99p store picnic cutlery and the sign is just some tea-stained paper with permanent marker (yay for free stuff).
I might try to drive the fork further into the hat, because it sticks out a bit too much for my liking. However, it's pretty well wedged in!

20th June 2012

Wiggin' out

Finished working on the wig today! Sewed in the extra strands of hair I'd made using offcuts, then trimmed it and restyled.

Monday I made a glorious hash of the hat but it's turned out mostly OK, I think. I just need to find a fork for it...

The boot covers are the only part of this costume that I haven't started work on, but hopefully will buy fabrics tomorrow!

17th June 2012

Hair, Bow

Finished the bow with the aid of brooch backs, cardboard (inside the skull) and glue. Used a Sharpie to mark the black details on the skull.

Made some extensions to sew into the front of the wig, as I did with my Grell wig--this took most of my cosplay-making time today! Haven't sewn them in yet.

Started to modify the hat. It's only a cheap party hat that cost 50p at the charity shop and was slightly too short, so I made it a bit taller using card. (Because card and sellotape are really classy XD) I'll recover it all with different fabric before adding the details.

16th June 2012

Get Your Coat

Finally finished the jacket today!
It didn't take much--I just sewed on some buttons (I painted the lines on the cuffs the day before yesterday)

Started making the bow, but this has ground to a halt as I need to attach the skull to it. Said skull is from a halloween skeleton that came from Poundland, I just cut off the back. Will need to add something to the back in order to attach it to the bow.
Decided to make the bow as a brooch rather than a proper bow tie...basically because it's easier and will take less time!

Detangled the wig because it got in a real state last year! It's still a little tangled (some of the fibres have gone frizzy) and had a little bit of a trim in places. I'm going to add some extra pieces of hair to the front, as I did with the wig for my Cheshire Cat!Grell cosplay.

13th June 2012

The Ongoing Saga of the Jacket of Doom

SERIOUSLY I cannot believe how long it's taking me to make this jacket! (Maybe I should've just...not lined it?! But then it wouldn't have looked so good inside, which is bad when part of the inside shows..)

Realised - after hemming - that the grey fabric I used on the outside and also as part of the lining, is a bit thick for lining, as it makes the lower half of the jacket hang a bit strangely. Curses!!!!
Oh well, not changing it now.

The back has ended up shorter than the front and there are various other little things that went WRONG today, which is really aggravating! Between pinning and sewing, things went a little awry.

I don't think it looks terrible though, and am happy with my progress today:
+ stitched back of collar (inner and outer) together for better stability
+ attached waistcoat insert to front
+ made jacket a little smaller as it was like a boat on me (now it's a tiny bit TOO small...agh agh agh)
+ sewed lining onto the front inside
+ repositioned strap on the back
+ sewed buttons to strap and three buttons to the front
+ painted the black stripes onto the false pockets and collar (using acrylic paint for this, it's cheaper than fabric paint in that I already have some!)

Don't have much left to do on this jacket now, only:
+ paint stripes onto cuffs
+ sew buttons to lapels and cuffs

12th June 2012


Trying to sew the lining into the jacket is a blooming nightmare!
Since I didn't have enough (and didn't want to go and buy more, as I'm cheap) the top, bottom and sleeves are all lined in different colours/fabrics...not the best idea really.
Having trouble getting it all sewn in though.

However, successful part of today's sewing was getting the waistcoat-style insert for the jacket made and the buttons sewn on.

For the jacket, I still have to:
Sew in the rest of the lining
Stitch the back of the collar
Sew in the waistcoat insert
Sew on the buttons

Hoping this won't drive me too mad!

10th June 2012


Still haven't finished the jacket, some of this is giving me a total headache (even though it should be simple!
Today I added the other part of the collar and cut and sewed the lining, then partly sewed it into the jacket. Also sewed on the grey cuffs and added the little strap thingy at the back. All of this took around 6 hours, at which point it was 4pm and my brain decided that no, it didn't want to do anything anymore and even threading a needle was too much. So I drank tea instead. Yay tea!

9th June 2012

Jacket It?

Made more progress with the jacket--added the lower half of the collar and the pockets, cut and half-sewed the back part of the collar and cut out fabric for the grey section of the sleeves. This doesn't sound like much but somehow took all day.
Next will be to sew on the grey part of the sleeves and the back of the collar and iron it all before I do the lining (not looking forward to doing the lining!)

It looks a mess at the moment but will be better once it's finished.

5th June 2012

Don't Get Shirty

Turned out the collar on the shirt I bought (from a charity shop) was the right shape for this costume when turned up...but way too thick. So I had to remake it with thinner cotton and interfacing. Messed up a little but it shouldn't show.

Started the jacket; only have the basic shape of it so far--need to add collar, pocket flaps, buttons, the grey part of the sleeve, the lining, and finally hem it all. Need to buy some purple fabric to make the waistcoat before I continue, as I'm making it all as one piece.

Buttons are bought (from ebay) and ended up costing just over a fiver! Gaaaah! This is still cheaper than it would have been to buy the same thing from a shop...*facepalm* They're only simple buttons, too!

30th May 2012

True Trews

Trousers are done! They're about 3/4 length. Used a pattern from a Gothic & Lolita sewing book. Opted for a side-zip so it won't show (elastic would have made the waistband bulky and the top part of the trousers too bunched-up). Finished the hems with cuffs because that's how the pattern was, and it gathers the bottom of the legs nicely for the tucked-into-boots effect.