Grell - Kuroshitsuji: Ciel in Wonderland OVA


Amecon 2012




Decided upon this costume because last year I couldn't choose between this and regular Grell!

Managed to keep the costs down with this costume:
+ Wig: from last year's Grell cosplay - added some extra strands at the front to make it fuller
+ Shirt: from last year's cosplay - customised the back with fabric leftover from another project
+ Trousers: from my wardrobe - cut down and rehemmed shorter and added buttons
+ Waistcoat: made using fabric left over from other cosplays, button from button box and buckle at back off an old top (spray-painted it gold)
+ Straps on trousers: made from same fabric as waistcoat
+ Bowtie: made from white fabric (same as shirt) and given stripes with fabric pen
+ Glasses, glasses chain, gloves: from last year's cosplay
+ Tail: made with felt and stuffed with toy stuffing bought for previous non-cosplay project
+ Scarf: made from felt
+ Ears: made from felt
+ Boots: from wardrobe, customised with marabou with shoe clips attached
+ Socks: bought

So basically, what I bought was socks, felt, some marabou and some shoe clips! (Oh, and some cotton for sewing the felt with, but that totally doesn't count as a 'cost', right??)

Unfortunately the waistcoat gave me some problems; first I messed up the lining, then the back was a little small, and try as I might I couldn't unpick my stitches, even with a seam-ripper! Gaah. So I decided to stick with the waistcoat as it is. Thank goodness Grell wears it open!


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Progress Journal

20th May 2012


Everything on my to do list has been completed, hurrah!
Ended up not changing the back panel of the waistcoat. Hopefully it'll all look right together.

19th May 2012

Is That a Tail in Your Trousers or...

Sewed the tail onto the back of the trousers. Messed up a couple of times but its fine now. Sewed on the straps too (and broke a needle. Gah!)
Customised the back of the shirt too...and got makeup on it. From now on must not pull button-down shirts over head out of laziness.
Sewed button onto waistcoat and sewed buttonhole. Still need to adjust the lining inside the waistcoat and possibly redo the black section at the back, but still irate that I messed up on this one!

17th May 2012

Your ear sticks out

Finished sewing the ears to the wig today. They're a tiny bit crooked (and as you can see by the picture, the wig isn't styled yet!)
Yesterday I used up some of the hair I'd cut from the wig last year to make short extensions for the front of the wig. I sewed these in and it took all blooming day! Might add more yet as I still don't think the front of the wig is full enough.
Also used fabric pens to create fabric suitable for Grell's bow tie. In the reference picture it's pink and white, so I used strips of masking tape across plain white polycotton, coloured in the gaps with a pink fabric pen (so time consuming!) and then heat set the colour! There's a few places where the ink has bled but I think it won't show once I've finished.

10th May 2012


Just as I was packing away all my sewing supplies after finishing the ears and scarf today, the postie rang the bell and delivered my shoe clips! Hoorah! So I got out the marabou and sewed shoe clips to it in order to customise the boots. I know they're not perfectly like Grell's - his are plain with a pink sole - but shoes/boots are something that I wasn't prepared to buy specifically for this costume (been there, done that, spent an absolute fortune!). It's really hard for me to find boots that fit comfortably and are in my price range (ironically these came from New Look!) I'll use these for another cosplay too, with boot covers.

10th May 2012

Ear ear

At first I thought making the ears would be easy peasy. I even considered gluing them together (then decided to stop being lazy and sew them!)
The first pair of ears ended up looking too small compared to the reference pictures I I sewed them together. Made a second ear the same way and now I have these. All I have to do is fix them to the wig--I think I'll just stitch them on using matching thread.

8th May 2012

Scarf Tails Part The Second

Pretty much finished off the tail now--just need to attach it to the trousers.
Have mostly got the scarf done, but owing to the way I'm making it I need to get some matching coloured thread for the hot pink. Decided to leave a raw edge around the outside because otherwise I'll end up with really chunky seams, which I don't want!

7th May 2012

Scarf Tails

Started cutting out the pieces of the tail and the scarf, after faffing around to figure out what size to cut them (which I messed up a little, but I'm going to go with it and see how it turns out--plenty of fabric left if it doesn't work).
It was my birthday just over a week ago and I was given a rotary cutter along with a quilting ruler and cutting mat. These make cutting out pieces of fabric amazingly quick and simple! Usually I can't cut straight lines and spend ages hacking at fabric with my slowly blunting scissors...cutting out a pile of fabric didn't take all that long at all!

1st May 2012


Started on the waistcoat today and gave myself a big headache in the process! Decided to do it 'properly' this time around and use interfacing and press the seams and everything...but totally screwed up the lining. Need to fix that if possible so it hangs properly. It's also a little small but I am not remaking it unless I have oodles of time and lose even more of my sanity.
Just need to add button and buttonhole, and the little buckle at the back.

18th April 2012


Did you know it was once rude to say 'Trousers'? Instead they were known as 'unmentionables'. Or so says a childhood book, 'Bamber Gasgoine's Amazing Facts'. But I digress.
Trousers for this costume are done. I took some trousers from my wardrobe that I never wear and shortened them, then sewed buttons onto the cuffs. Buttons cost me nothing since they were some my Nan gave me when I was looking for gold-coloured buttons (and she gave me a bagful!)
So this part of the costume has cost me nothing but time. Hooray!
Now the trousers just need an appointment with an iron and lint roller...

6th April 2012


Am going to totally cheat with the shirt for this costume and use the one from last year's Grell costume. It's practically the same--I just need to change the hem at the back. Think I'll iron in some interfacing too, since the shirt is pretty thin material and there are always things that people SHOULDN'T see!