Link (Kokiri tunic) - Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time





the tunic, hat and undershirt were commissioned.
i still need a pair of white leggings (full length, not 3/4) so if anyone knows which shops sell them, please send me a pm ^ ^;;;

i'm currently working on the master sword, possibly the sheath and shield at a later date.

i already have a Navi but i might do a new version (with better shaped wings) that'll attach to the costume somehow. and if i feel like it, i might make Tatl, Tael and the other fairies from 4swords and phantom hourglass aswell :3

UPDATE! My mum wore this at my birthday and it looks much better on her. She need's new jodhpurs tho cause we had an accident with the fabric softner and they got stained. I plan to get her to wear it at a future con :D


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