eris - Asobi Ni Iku Yo


after giving up on this costume cause of the fact that i never worked with stretch , i decided to give it another go ^^ and it worked out better than i ever hoped :D
i learned a great deal working on this costume and it gained me confidence to work on other costumes where the use of stretch is needed ^^

CyanideCustard posted on 15 February, 2012 - 18:57
will look great when finished ^^

Anonymous posted on 21 February, 2012 - 23:22
awww *3* looking forward to see it x3 ♥

Ros3ify posted on 2 April, 2012 - 19:36
Looks fantastic :)


Total cost: £0.00

4th March 2012


little progress again of the costume , i added all the green parts on the costume, made about 90 % of the boots and loosing weight again <3 going absollutly great ! . still need some work , but hoping to finish this in 2 weeks ( hope my fur will arive here on time >< " ) i'm super excited to wear the whole costume when its done <3

21st February 2012


sewed the white bits on the opper arm ( with lots of swearing XD ) and also made the belt for eris , im happy with the belt even though the grey leather is prolly a bit too dark >< wearing my new wig for eris aswel :3 ,i'm verry happy with how i look in this ( aiming to loose a bit of wheight for this costume though ^^" )

15th February 2012

does this make my but look big ?

awnser : ofcourse it does...its a butt-pose XD anyway , sewed the white upper part onto the body ( was murder ) its nowhere near perfect lookig , but i didnt do an all bad job Also sewed the zipper on the back :) Will need to hurry up for kita though ><

9th February 2012

lenzes !

these are the lenzes i ordered <3

8th February 2012


first time working with stretch and i did a pretty good job with it OO i got the red base (body ) ready ...now to cut out some parts to add the white she has in her costume :3 i'm verry happy with the progress so far ^^ ordered wig also and waiting to find a good pair of contacts ^^

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