Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Cosplayer: Darkiekun

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

SFX Short Listed MCM Expo May 2012

13th May 2012: Bead detail I completed the bead details which has eaten about 500-1000 beads XD I have made enough room to hopefully not obstruct my arm movement too much ^^ I have shortened the length of beads on my ankle cuff due to health and safety around the Excel

13th May 2012: Furry bits I have completed the fur for this cosplay. The left (my left anyway xD)wrist cuff, Leg and Left Ankle cuff have the bead 'snow flake' Sewn on and then the dangle gems. In the photo it only looks like she has the snow fakes on one side and I think it looks better that way ^^

1st May 2012: Details WIP Close up Here is the details all pinned onto the bra I have sewn inside. Just wanted to add that extra bit of sparkle to the dress!

1st May 2012: Inner wing Here is a close up of the inner section. It has been linned with Wedding mesh that I had left over from Will of the Abyss for Extra cuteness 8)

1st May 2012: Sewing Here is the out outer dress Sewn together and with wire in the 'wings' It gives them a extra bit of lift and shape! Hopefully this stops them from dragging on the floor at expo o.O;;

1st May 2012: Pinned Progress Here is the third attempt to making this outter dress. I love it! I have bought some snowflake fabric that was on sale. Still was £6 something though =w= But yeah it looks awesome! Now to sew together and add wire into the 'skirt wings'

22nd February 2012: Fur Thanks to left over fur from Kero I cut out these. May trim them down not sure yet.
Now for the gems I have a Seller willing to get some light blue gems for me! this is amazing >D XD So hopefully I can get them soon ^^ Next week me and Zedela are going Fabric shopping so hopefully can get started on Chi (and Sakura XD) very soon!

26th January 2012: Start! After showing Koiice her Fai coat We decided we might wear Fai and Chi at MCM Expo on Sunday! Planning to try and make it as beautiful as the artwork!
This morning before work I found some wigs and tonight decided to buy this one! May buy another depending how thick it is to make it better but thats to decide later! I can't wait to start it but that wont be till end of Feb probably lol
I have gotten the fur cuffs and so on Thanks to left over fur from Kero!

Illulyn avatar

Illulyn - 30th April 2012
Awww I've always loved this outfit! The white fabric you've gotten for it is so cute <3

rosieroo avatar

rosieroo - 1st May 2012
this is going to be beautiful

Zedela avatar

Zedela - 5th May 2012
Nyaaa kawaiii!!! You look gorge m' dear X333 we'll all look so purdy and smexy together X333

Fizzykat avatar

Fizzykat - 6th June 2012
hey it turned out really beautiful! i love the snowflake fabric you used!! x

JustPeachy avatar

JustPeachy - 10th June 2012
I loved seeing this group! You Chi is amazing, I love the fabric choices and it looks so well made :)

PixiePopNixie avatar

PixiePopNixie - 3rd March 2013
Ah, this is beautiful!! Wish I could have seen it in person!! This is one of my favourite designs for Chii :3

Sponberry avatar

Sponberry - 3rd March 2013
This is wonderful! Your detail on the dress is just perfect! You look gorgeous in the photos too, very lovely set :)

gaming_goddess avatar

gaming_goddess - 6th March 2013
I love all the fabric choices you used. The beads are also gorgeous. You make such a cute Chii :D Absolutly adorable :D

blissfulbanana avatar

blissfulbanana - 7th March 2013
So pretty, love the details on the Bodice

loramarsden avatar

loramarsden - 8th March 2013
i concur with everyone, gorgeous fabric and looks so well made! fab chi x

Carmina avatar

Carmina - 1st April 2013
You made a beautiful Chi! I remember this group made me smile at the Masquerade.

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 18th April 2013
This is so beautiful!

PandoraCaitiff avatar

PandoraCaitiff - 24th June 2013
Ooooh! Pretty! Great costume. Looks fab!

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 4th August 2013
This is beautiful!