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Augmented Queen posted on 1 December, 2012 - 00:05
Oh wow! It would be really great to see an Alice at Gemu! Looking forward to more progress pictures :3

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

31st January 2013

I just got Madness Returns on Steam

For an Amazing price, might I add?


That is all

Also eyeing up some better boots that aren't brown...

18th January 2013

I'm no longer going to Gemucon

Alice will be done for Ayacon instead
just loads of crap hitting my fan
mum has suggested I just give Gemucon a miss and go to the next anime convention, rather than a video game convention
which sounds like a good idea.

10th January 2013

Dress Pattern! :D

Disney Princess Snow white and Cinderella one, but still! It'll work! It's got the neckline and the puff sleeves, and all I'll have to do is modify the length of the skirt-section

Had a brainwave too, as I wanna do a genderbent David Tennant Doctor Who thing
I'mma use the dress for Alice without her apron >:3
I r smart
I think >>

Fingers crossed my Auntie can help me with this, 'cos I have no clue what I'm doing

Also, on another note, the Wig i ordered for Alice makes me look more like Amazing Phil than anyone else...

Anyone Fancy being Danisnotonfire with me as AmazingPhil? :P

3rd December 2012

Blaaargh Patterns! D:

I can not, for the life of me, find a pattern for the base dress
I have an idea on how the Apron is gonna work, but it's just the basic blue dress bit itself that I can't get a pattern for

I found someone who made the Disney-Alice's dress, and it looks perfect for This Alice's dress too, but her pattern was self drafted T^T

The shoes need colour changing, then they're done
I have the socks.
I need to work out how to get an Omega Necklace that's about the right size, all the ones I've found are tiny.
and I've got my eye on a wig (good ol' ebay)

so all i'm missing is the dress really :(
Any Ideas?

6th September 2012

Trying again

Trying again with Alice, I was supposed to be wearing her at Amecon, but that failed 'cos he dress never got made.

I've hedged my bets, and Put Alice down as a cosplay for Gemucon, seeing as she's a video game character, and my other cosplay for Gemucon is a kid's toy....
oh well xD
I'll wear Alice for 2 of the days, maybe even all 3, depending on how i feel with Operetta, might even save operetta for Fushicon, when that gets announced (god I love Fushicon)

If she's done in time, and I can go, I may wear her for MCM october Expo in London.
but knowing me, I won't get her done in time, so Gemucon it is.

fingers crossed I can get the dress made this time