Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Cosplayer: Darkiekun

Variant: (Gift)

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

SFX Short Listed MCM Expo May 2012

6th May 2012: 90% Complete Top Here is the top! Only thing pinned is to keep the top closed and the black straps still.
I need to attach Velcro to the straps and inside the top and then it is complete! Well when the gold is attached to the end too XD
yeah very proud ^^ Can't wait for Tanya to see it!

6th May 2012: Semi Pinned Progress Here is the inner Top. The Top itself is fully Sewn and Overlocked While the pinned part is the Blue edges and the black Straps ^^ I am really happy with how it is turning out!

6th May 2012: Blue Coat Furred! here is the blue coat all furred up. The sash here is too thick and has since been cut down. We are thinking to Trim the fur down but thats not Major ^^ Looking very fluffy!

27th February 2012: Coat WIP today i have added the white trim. eventually the trim will be furred instead but for now this is what it looks like ^^ Just needs buckles and the top collar added before the black strap ^^

26th February 2012: Blue inner coat Start Today I have finally Sewn together the fabric Pieces to make this so far! Coming along well I think ^^ Still needs all the white attaches and the buckles and so on ^^

10th February 2012: Blue inner coat Today I have bought blue fleece to be the inner coat of Fai. Looking into White fabric's for the Trim and some linning for the coat.

25th January 2012: Coat so far! Here is the coat fully lined and furred up! I have sewn on the white trim and now slowly adding the beads into the trim!
And eventually add fur to the sleeves XD

25th January 2012: Extra Trims! Today I went to town and got some trim for the coat and some more beads
I thought it would look cute XD
I doubt you'd see it due to the fur but I thought it would look cute! (photo is of trim without the beads sewn in yet!)

24th January 2012: Progress! I sew together the lining and the main coat pieces to end up with 'two coats' I then pinned them together to check everything was the right lengths and to see how the lining worked with the coat!
I loved them together D8
The coat will be taken in soon as I am getting
Koiice's measurements soon for Alice (MWahahaha)
Once they are taken in I can finish up this coat with the fur

23rd January 2012: Beads! Photo of the beads be here! Not that you can even see glitter in these photos owo Tis glittery in real life!

23rd January 2012: Hood and Linning Today I cut out The hood pattern and sewn it together and tested it to see if it was big enough! (followed the pattern I made for
Alice/Echo's Ridding hood outfits)
Once this was confirmed I then Also cut out the linning fabric and sewn that. Agian I pinned the linning to the hood to see how it would look (Without fur anyway xD)
and thought it looked just awesome!

22nd January 2012: Sparkle! After Staring at Referances for hours I
finally started drawing the arm pattern onto card to make
a stencil.
Once I cut out the arm shape from the Fabric I
Then Alinned it 15Cm down from the top middle point and drew around the sentcil.
Once the Stencil was all drawn on I mixed my Paint with some blue glitter!
This made the paint (once dry anyway xD) Look really awesome! it was so
glittery and beautiful I could have kept it XD
Once the paint was dry I then hand sewn over the top of the paint (about 100 beads each sleeve) with 6mm Blue seed beads for that
extra sparkle!
Next I Attached the Organza Ribbon and then Sewn in the Black tube and round beads along the 'clearer' Part of the ribbon for Extra awesomeness.

(Photo shows the glitter kinda XD)

21st January 2012: The Shopping Trip! Today I went fabric shopping!
Found awesome materials I hope she will love
Which are!

Organza Ribbon x 2M
Bonded Twill x4m
Soft Satin Royal blue x4m
Long fur
Blue fabric paint
Beads and stuff

20th January 2012: The Plan! After A random Fai figure spaz and chat with Koiice
I decided for her 21st Birthday Present I was
going to make her dream cosplay.
I plan to make this the best cosplay I have ever made.
(since I am making it early That may change XD since
might do something better by then XD)
I went on the hunt for References and she told me
she didn't want the patterns on the back (though they are nice as she says xD)
But I just decided we can always add on the pattern some other time!
Plus i have a idea that would be kinda cool for it
if we ever did it XD
So for now I shall make her the basic coat, The inner coat, Fai's actual outfit and Hopefully the Staff.
So this also means trying to Resin Gems again!
This time I will make them work D<

Sakurastar123 avatar

Sakurastar123 - 27th January 2012
That is such a nice gift :3 The coat is looking really good and I love the extra detailing with the beads!

Carmina avatar

Carmina - 26th February 2012
I love the character and the costume is looking good so far. A very sweet present for your girlfriend!