Pinkie Pie
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Cosplayer: Star-Valo

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

12th April 2013: Gonna try and get her done here My boyfriend's doing a rave-y UV Vinyl Scratch for Aya, so I'm gonna try and get the last bits sorted so I've got my rave pinkie to party it up with him on the first night or so...

gonna chop me a wig >:D

15th March 2012: Another step forward My Mum's really starting to get intetested in my costumes now, She's roped my Auntie into helping me make my American McGee's Alice costume, and She's taken me out shopping and helped me look for items for pinkie pie
She's been wonderful <3
Thanks to her taking me out and about (places i'd never have been able to go to on my own) I've now got another Blue vest top, closer to the colour of pinkie's balloons, that match some child's leggings(that still fit me) to wear under the skirt
We also got that, but it's white, we're hoping to gather the other things we need in white and dye them to the right pink because it's proving really difficult to find things in the right shade of pink

I've also got some back-up ballet shoes, the slipper ones, not the Pointe ones I sketched out, but they're good enough. I'm still keeping an eye out for Ballet Pointe shoes on ebay, but if i don't get them anymore it's not the end of the world
So in all, i'm a heck of a lot happier about this now.
I'm thinking i may have a tad too much blue at the moment, but we'll see how it all looks when the white bits are pink'd

I'll be uploading some photos soon, 'cos i'm getting excited about it all now ^^ only a couple of items away from having everything i need :D

11th March 2012: Ballet shoes no longer bought... The ones i bought are far too small...
and now there aren't any left on ebay within my size and price range...


1st March 2012: On a Roll! Blue top (rather than bra, 'cos of self confidence issues) has been bought!
Ballet Pointe shoes HAVE BEEN BOUGHT!

And a little added extra, of a My Little Pony Skipping rope, has ALSO been bought!

I'mma need a utility belt
like Batman

I'm thinkin' a tub of Candyfloss too...
and a little pinkie...

No idea about my bag anymore though

15th February 2012: Wig's here! After almost 3 weeks of stressin' over my wig, from the seller changing the listing after I'd bought it, to another Pinkie Cosplayer on the Kitacon forums saying she ordered the same wig and it was a cherry red, not a dark pink like pictured...

It's perfect
It's a little knotty from me wearing it today to get used to it
but it looks pretty good now :D I'm so happy with it
huge weight off my shoulders now!
Now begins the hunt for Pointe Ballet pumps.
I'm gonna need help

10th February 2012: 2 weeks 2 weeks, still no wig
thinking of giving up now because the wig's not gonna be the right colour and I can't afford or find other bits i need for the cosplay.

6th February 2012: Still no wig Still no wig
getting annoyed now

31st January 2012: Cancan Pinkie Anyone? Thinking of adding Pinkie's Cancan outfit from "Gotta Share" for the Kitacon ball
seeing as a lot of Pinkie cosplayers that day will probably do Gala pinkie, I figured it'd be a bit different

28th January 2012: Hit a snag with the wig Ebay seller has bad feedback on the wig i bought
apparently (I've been told by another cosplayer who bought the same wig) it's a cherry red, not the deep pink pictured
not to mention t he seller's now completely re-done the listing page to make it a completely different pink wig
so i'm spazzing out right now
Anxiety is a bad thing to have when using ebay.
but if it is cherry red
I might wing it and work it into something like a Thistle Whistle cosplay (from G3 MLP, 'cos i love Thistle)

I'll see how the wig looks when it gets here, but otherwise, i'll buy myself another one from a seller whose feedback on that particular wig is pretty good.
Photos of it will be uploaded anyway, so you can see the colour too.

Trying to regain my composure and power on with pinkie, 'cos I was so close to forgetting about this cosplay all together 'cos my Anxiety got really bad.
I'm thinking pinkie Jewelery and things next, they're not stressful, right?

28th January 2012: Bought the wig! BOUGHT THE WIG!
Whoo, Pinkie is officially GO!

Debating on attempting to make a Parasprite, or a Gummy bag. A Parasprite would be easier, but Gummy's more relevant to Pinkie

Angel_of_Algebra avatar

Angel_of_Algebra - 1st March 2012
Rave Pinkie sounds great! Gonna watch out for you. :)

Shinigami_ky avatar

Shinigami_ky - 2nd April 2012
Hee I think you have the same (or very similar) wig to my Pinkie one, it's just such a lovely colour for her!
I can't wait to see this, your design is super cute and really unique <3 ALL THE PINKIE LOVE