Phoenix Wright - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney


AmeCon 2006


Everyone loves Phoenix, and no one gets his hair right. Myself included, though I had a good go at it.

Getting the suit colour right is very hard, I did well IMHO but it's not perfect, and the style is definitely off. The badge is made of sculpey and is a bit oversized.

The hair is FUNKY FOAM! Lovely stuff. The fringe isn't right but it gives a great impression of the back of his spiky hair. It also comes on and off in seconds, folds up without damaging the spikes for travel, and you can put it on other people ;)

We also had some wooden fold-out desks we could wheel around and slam hands on.. only, they didn't fit in the car. Oops.

cobra_commander posted on 14 May, 2009 - 12:21
OBJECTION! dude i love your cosplay its awesome

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