Commander Shepard - Mass Effect





Aiming to get this ready for Auchinawa 2012, and possibly October Expo.

This will be my most ambitious project. I've read up a LOT about EVA foam armour techniques and I'm confident I can make this armour.

To complete the costume, I plan to paint my Nerf Recon, due to it looking VERY similar to the Tempest sub-machine gun from ME2. I'll rig up a holster on the leg of my armour for that. I'll also be attempting to make an Omni-Blade, so that in one hand and Recon in the other. To top it off, I'll be making the COLLAPSED forms of an assault rifle, sniper rifle and shotgun. These and parts of my armour will have velcro attached, so they can be attached to my back easily, and removed easily for photos with my inevitable painted Nerf guns.


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