Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Wetlands Ebony) - Assassin's Creed II


D-CON 2010

Cosplay Contest: D-Con 2012




To date still my favourite costume! :D

Costume itself was bought from Cosplay Magic. I'm mostly happy with it, but at some point I will be buying/commissioning a new belt, new bracers, and new boots.

The mask was just a basic silver full face mask I found online somewhere, then I chopped off the gob of it to match better the mask from in-game.

When I first got it I fashioned very, VERY rough wooden "blades". They were shite. I've since perfected my functioning blades, videos of which can be seen on my YouTube.

First worn at D-Con 2010, then worn at MCM Expo May '10. I won the cosplay contest at D-Con - which to this day I insist I don't deserve, I mean come on, it's a bought costume. I was only on there for kicks! xD


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