Naruto (Sage Form) - Naruto Shippuuden




Chose this as my first cosplay for MCM Expo '09.

Fancy a comment pointing out how crap it is? Go for it, it sucks and I know it. I make a crap Naruto. xD

Costume was bought from Cosplay Magic, as was the wig - the headband was commissioned from an ebay seller whose name escapes me now, and I made that travesty that is my Fuuton: Rasengan (NOT a RasenShuriken) in about two hours with scraps and a tennis ball.

Also in a slight defense for myself, the entire weekend I was dead on my feet from some sort of plague. I refuse to call it an illness as it was just insane, my face was bloodshot (Yes my face, all of it) from being up all night coughing, and the fact I managed to be up and about all weekend honestly astounds me to this day. xD


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