Shura (Regular) - Blue Exorcist

Status :Complete
Worn At :Midlands MCM Expo Feb 2012


Ultimate Reaction

Mug Shot

Impractical Clothing is IMPRACTICAL



So I'm bearing my midriff again.
Why? Because of yet another group costume. For Blue Exorcist. Well, there wasn't really a question of who I would be.

Notes on wearing this costume?
It was cold. And it was February.
I also had pie, chips & mushy peas for lunch.
And didn't really get hassled. Because it was so cold, I kept buttoned up most of the time XD!

I need to make a few very small adjustments to the costume & purchase or make a sword to go along with it.
I also may be wearing this costume to February MCM next year. To do a skit. In the cold. :/


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