Izumi Sawatari (Episode II) - He is my Master





Why I made this costume:I was really excited about doing this costume because I think their uniforms are so cute. I really enjoyed the anime; it was a cute comedy. Out of all the maids that lived in the mansion I was most like Izumi, and I think I fit her the best. I enjoyed cosplaying as a made which probably brought me to my later costume Shimei.

About the costume: My Izumi costume too a lot of work. I tried to take every single detail into consideration. I made all the trims myself, and it was a really fun costume to make as well as to wear. This costume was a personal challange for me because I do not normal make clothing like costumes, and I also do not use patterns. So figuring out how all this was made took me a while and a lot of messing up. I think the chocker is my favorite part,. and I FINALLY got the shape just right, but it took a lot of tries though. This costume I really had to learn to walk well in heels because they are 5 inches omg lol.


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