Angela Blanc (Angel dress) - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) - Anime


Amecon 2012


Full ballgown with feathered skirt and corset-style bodice. White boots

Constructed as a two-piece.

SKIRT: Hoop petticoat with "feathers" sewn over it. Rear ruffle attached to back of top using poppers.
TOP: Corset-style strapless top with straps, sleeves and trim added.

Sephirayne posted on 1 February, 2012 - 23:14
Looking forward to seeing this.

Divadellarte posted on 3 February, 2012 - 22:59
Yes, I'm surprised more people don't do this version - most seem to be either the dominatrix or maid outfits.

MadlyScientific posted on 21 January, 2015 - 21:05
This looks absolutely beautiful! Great job on this cosplay :)

Buy lace and attach to bodice
Attach buttons to bodice
Make sleeves and attach to bodice
Buy cotton: cuffs, straps, choker, stripes
Dye fabric: cuffs, straps, bodice, choker
Buy fabric: sleeves
Attach white stripes to bodice
Buy fabric: choker points
Make cuffs and attach buttons
Make ruffle and attach to bodice
Sew fabric to skirt
Make choker
Buy pearls for choker
Fabric for feathered skirt
Purple dye
Fabric for sleeves and trim
Lace for trim

Total cost: £0.00

6th May 2012


Making good progress with this. The straps have been attached to the bodice, and I've made the sleeves and attached them to the straps. I've sewn the buttons down the front (but may need to tidy them up if I have time - they don't look very even to me at the moment). Now I'm working on making the cuffs and adding the trim to the front of the bodice. Then I can get started on the skirt! :D

11th February 2012


So, so far I've bought the fabric for the sleeves, and the fabric for the skirt. First: step, dying the fabric for the top and skirt. I've used Dylon Machine Fabric Dye in 02 Lilac, with approximately 1,150 grams of cotton. It's come out ok - there are some lighter patches where the fabric was creased in the machine, and it's not quite the right shade, but it's close enough. So, now I can get started on the putting the sleeves together and then work on sewing the "feathers" onto the skirt.

22nd January 2012

This is going to be fuuuuuunnnnn!

So, my first attempt at making my own cosplay. No-one could say I'm not ambitious! Bodice Going to use a corset-style top I've bought from eBay as the base for the bodice of the dress. It's white, so I'm going to dye it lavender, add straps, lace trim, the ruffle and white stripes. The sleeves and cuffs I'll make separately and sew to the straps. Skirt I have a hoop skirt I wore under my wedding dress. Planning to sew the "feathers" directly onto the skirt in two layers. As I am doing this as a two-piece, I can't have the ruffle at the back attached to the ruffle on the top, so I'm going to make that separately and attach it with poppers. Boots Cheated and bought these. And the wig. Wings Hmmmm, we'll wait and see how much time I have after making the dress before deciding whether I'll make these...

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