ICO - Ico (PS2)

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FRIGGIN LOVE ICO. Got the PS2 version of the game for my birthday from lovely BF as I never owned a copy myself. It's just as brill now as it was back in the day. Now I want to cosplay him. lol :) typical.


ElegantAura posted on 22 January, 2012 - 22:09
Yay <3 So can't wait for this one, I'm so glad you introduced me to this game! So excited to be Yorda (I must this game down!)

Progress Journal

yay! (Posted 6th February 2012)

Started painting :) all is good. will upload image once they're done =^__^=

Horns part deux. (Posted 6th February 2012)

Basic issue with horns. Paperclay FINALLY dried, Sanded and ready to paint. Checked over them once more prior to painting to discover it wasn't as even as first hoped. "Craters" had formed over the surface. Possibly air-pockets from moulding the clay together. Not an issue though as I then proceeded to fill in the gaps with more clay, very wet and quite thin, just to smooth out the surface more/fill in gaps and then stuck it in front of the fire to dry. As it is only a thin layer it has dried very quickly so I will continue to sand and it should be fine to paint tomorrow.

PAPERCLAY- Y U NO DRY?? (Posted 1st February 2012)


Just turned the horns over so they dry thoroughly. Nearly there though. Just the one that I done 2 days ago is still wet on one side and the first one is still damp in places...though it could just have been cold....hard to tell. Paperclay is quite a cold material when its wet/in sculpting form.

I'm just desperate to get these done lol :) SO EXCITED.