Golden Sun

Cosplayer: SephNoir

Variant: Remake for 2011

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

13th August 2009: Complete for now I've finished everything but the scythe and boots now. I'm not even attempting them right now until I can actually find a regular pair of boots that fit.
I'm a little annoyed I can't do the pattern on the dress the way I wanted but it was just too time consuming and would kill the current fabric.

11th August 2009: Finally Finishing this at last tonight. Wigs and uni work got the best of me and I just never got chance to finish it before now. Suffice to say the scythe will not be coming to Aya given the prop rules (not to mention the two hats of doom also coming with us).
I'm hoping to get everything finished off tonight at last!

26th March 2009: Blah fitting... Having a few problems fitting the top which is starting to bug me. It not major problems really but lack of sleep is definitely not helping.
Made a mock up of the dress with the lining just to check how things fitted. At the moment it's looking like it's just a problem with sizing which should hopefully be easily fixed by making it a little bigger (ended up forgetting if I'd included seam allowances while cutting so that's probably what's gone wrong there.
Things to fix:
The top of the collar definitely needs to be extended as it's way too low.
Add in seam allowances.
Shorten the back, the top panel was definitely to long which didn't help with fitting.

Suffice to say I'll be staying up tonight to get this done in time hopefully. If the next go doesn't turn out better I'll just leave it til after Minami and work on it til May.

25th March 2009: Two days left Running through this one fairly quickly. Should have all the accessories done in a few hours. I'll be doing the skirt after that and should have that done this afternoon. The top is next and hopefully I can finish it tomorrow morning. After that it's just the cape and boots for both of us.

I think the top is going to be the most time consuming part simply for the fact that it's in so many pieces and needs to be fitted just right. I'll be using the lining as a practise so hopefully it'll go ok.

16th January 2009: Scythe part 1 Managed to find a pole long enough today and I've gotten everything else sorted including some tips from Laura. <3 For some reason I seem to have magic skills that burns foam when cutting it with the mini circular saw. It leaves a nice clean edge but means we have to keep stopping so we don't set the fire alarm off. Once the blade is cut out I can attach it to the pole (once we cut that too) and start on the paper mache. Tomorrow I'll be playing with Latex for the scales so hopefully that'll work!

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Fables - 21st January 2009
Eeeee! It makes me so happy to see someone cosplaying Menardi! I love Golden Sun, and she was always my favourite! :D

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Deviette - 20th March 2009

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Fables - 4th December 2009
Did I hear the words 'Complete'.. I need pictures, dammit! :3

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Fables - 4th December 2009
Did I hear the words 'Complete'.. I need pictures, dammit! :3

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SephNoir - 4th December 2009
I'll have to take some soon! I've not had chance to wear it to a con yet so I might take some over xmas. :3

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ryaoki - 8th November 2010

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BB Dubs - 8th November 2010
*noms Mars djinni*

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Zelda - 18th November 2010
It's good to see more people cosplaying from golden sun ^^ it's such a legendary game! Might see if i can get my mia or jenna cosplay finished for minami. I really can't wait to see some pictures of this!!!