Ichigo kurosaki (Getsuga) - Bleach




attempt at getsuga. was hoping to go for parade but changed my mind but will still try and make it to the rule incase i decide to go for it next time.


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To-Do List

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Progress Journal

15th April 2012

99% complete

bandage top complete. mask complete. trousers complete. socks need redone really but it wont take long.

25th March 2012

nearly done

okay dying threw up a problem. dying doesn't work well on synthetic material. like the material the bandages are made of...
also the original dying process turned mask and bandage glove ORANGE!
re dyeing worked brilliant on mask and socks.
however the top and glove will have to be redone.
Note to anyone attempting this. use CREPE bandages which are a cotton type material which dyes brilliantly. i used this for the arm of my top and it worked great but now the arm looks good and the rest doesn't.
i will have to dye bandages and glove first then attach them together and on top
of the original chest bandages.

7th February 2012

Progress on getsuga

mask: complete - made using buff design. added additional bandages to neck part as top has quite a large neck. teeth made and attached.
still to do - dying. (dont know wether to attach some bandages to it or add them later)
top: complete- arm removed
still to do - wrap in bandages, dye
trousers: complete - trousers made, waistband in place, jagged legs made, jagged top made. Strip design works and should add to the 3d flowing effect.
still to do - rear strips and some additional decoration.
socks: complete

still to do as a whole - white bandage glove. black glove. dying. wig styling.