Kaishou Rin - Original Bleach Character

In Progress




This is going to be a cosplay of a character I've made for the Bleach-verse, called Kaishou Rin. :) It's going to be a crossplay, but there's not much difference between him and me - we're both short and I'm flat-chested, so I don't have to do too much! =P

I've bought the Soul Reaper uniform, which needs some adjusting, and styled the wig so far. Currently, I'm making his hair accessories out of foam, which I'm painting silver and glazing the same way I'm doing the hair accessories for my Feena cosplay.

I started this one before my Feena cosplay and it's kind of a budget one XD So it's not going to look amazing. I'll probably just wear it for a photoshoot with my friends. X3


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