Ciel Phantomhive (Toboso's original artwork (red outfit)) - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

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Amecon 2012




As if we haven't seen enough Ciel cosplayers, right? ;D

I've never analysed an outfit like this before (@~@)

Okay, so I started making the hat some time back. I had a thing for hats. Don't judge me <3 I'm quite happy with how it is turning out, so I've decided to have a go at making the rest of the costume. I'm still a rookie with a sewing machine, so I need to get A LOT of practice in, which is why i'm waiting for Amecon to reveal it. It's a BIG project for me, so wish me luck!! (^w^)


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Progress Journal

1st June 2012


I think it's about time I updated this costume <33
It WILL be ready in time for AmeCon!!!

I've been working on this hat for a while now (almost a year, haha! XD) I haven't had much time (or motivation) to complete it yet, due to my other projects, but with 2 months to go, I figured now would be the perfect time to start working on this costume again!

I'm still looking for the perfect colour to make the bow at the back of the hat. My search isn't going too well though..
I'll be making the roses soon <3