Fakir - Princess Tutu


This will be his costume from Akt 12: Scheherazade and Akt 13: Swan Lake. SO MUCH HAIR.

otakugirl posted on 1 February, 2012 - 19:18
cant wait to see it finished

Storme posted on 11 February, 2012 - 20:02
Heh, looking forward to wearing him!

InfiniteJester posted on 12 February, 2012 - 01:08
fakir <3

Storme posted on 12 February, 2012 - 17:08
I love this character so much. :D

Pez posted on 18 April, 2012 - 22:31
How do I feel when I think about you, Fakirrrrrrr?

Storme posted on 18 April, 2012 - 22:40

Castelia posted on 15 May, 2012 - 22:16
Oh my <3 Looking very broody and suave here!

Storme posted on 17 May, 2012 - 23:03
So much grumpiness. :D

WhiteWraith posted on 29 September, 2013 - 00:54
Looks amazing :)

Storme posted on 21 January, 2014 - 17:27
Thank you. :)

Sword base
Gloves (and postage)
Punky XL from Coscraft (as a base)
Black suede trousers
Fabric for shirt, paints, extra wefts for wig, rub 'n' buff for sword, bandages (already owned)

Total cost: £0.00

6th March 2012

Wig 4 plus scabbard

Well, I styled it cartoonishly, but in the end decided it looked absurd with the stiff spikes--and the front spikes would not sit in a way that worked on me. So I washed out the styling products and now have restyled it to be a bit more naturalistic (still a lot of hairspray, but it's less rigid). Pez's comment is that it's more 'romantic' in style, which is as good a description as any. It still needs a bit more tweaking to get the ends of the spikes right; I may have to resort to gelling them. In other news, I varnished the scabbard and then all the paint flaked off, which probably puts the final death seal on the fake leather spray I used (it's the second time it's reacted weirdly to other products). So I think I may just cover the scabbard in actual leather; it'll look better anyway and I have just enough spare unsplit leather to do so.

16th February 2012

Wig 3

This isn't the finished wig; it's starting to get there though. Most of the hair has been cut to the right length now. The big challenge for the wig is getting Fakir's hair to sit in the right sort of clumps; this would be easier if I were trying to get it more naturalistic, but Pez and I are both planning on trying for cartoonish hair in these costumes. Which means spiking all those big peaks and quiffs. Cue lots of pinning and saturating with gels and hairspray. Overall, it needs serious neatening up of all those untidy stray hairs (which will be easier when the base spikes have dried) and it needs puffing out a bit in the non-spiky areas and in the ponytail.

14th February 2012

Sword complete

Sword all done! Pez has serious envy for how little effort I've had to put in to get a reasonably-decent-looking (if rather short) sword - I'm actually tempted to go back to the shop and buy another one of the plastic ones just as a backup for future sword-needs. Belt purchase, wig styling to go. Everything else is done.

13th February 2012

Pants etc

I have bought vaguely suedey-textured trousers and torn three artistically-placed rips in them. \o/ (someone apparently gave the charity shop a pair of suedey pants, a pair of leather pants *and* a pair of velvet pants all in my size. I bought ALL OF THEM because I will undoubtedly need them.) Going to papier mache over the end of the sword. The scabbard is now brown; I will rub-n-buff the end of it silver later. Once that's done, I just need to buy the belt and style the wig. ALMOST DONE.

13th February 2012


I caved into the insistent nagging in my head and bought more accurate boots and gloves than the ones I had around. Because I will only be disgruntled at the photos if I don't. The shirt's all done; I've worked out how to bind beneath it so I can have a visible shoulder scar through the ripped shoulder. I need to buy a new belt; my trusty old one appears to have vanished. I'm also going to look for some cheap pants in charity shops today, so I can rip them without hating myself for ruining clothes I might want to wear. The sword is mostly painted. The little purple blob on the end I have two options for - either I shape the loop at the end into something plausible with papier mache (which might end up a bit larger than it needs to be, and will be hard to make smooth), or I lop it off and glue a pre-shaped blob on the end (which means hot glue, sigh). And then, wig-styling. Possibly closer to the time; storing the wig is going to be annoying once it has the various locks and spikes set into it.

12th February 2012

Shirt 2

The shirt is hemmed and I have made the rollneck. It's all about starting on the rips now! Because of the ridiculous shoulder rip, I am probably going to have to chest-bind with bandages instead of a binder. Sigh. Edit: and finished the rips. Fewer of them than I thought before I checked the refs. Though Fakir apparently just can't be trusted with sleeves.

12th February 2012

Lohengrin sword

(img from nyxnyx17 on DA who drew the basic shape out.) I figured that Fakir's outfit would benefit from having his sword; props are always more fun to pose with anyway. But swords are annoying to make. Then I found a plastic sword with a black hilt guard (though the hilt itself--which even swirls in a similar way to the Lohengrin sword--is silver), which is a bit short but then so am I. So I'll be using that as a base; the plan is to rub 'n' buff the blade and paint the hilt. I'll also paint the scabbard; Fakir's is probably meant to be leather but as the sword *came* with a correctly-sized plastic one I am going to be lazy about making a replacement. (Also, I spent part of my morning wefting together two wigs for Pez's Mytho. These boys have SO MUCH HAIR.)

12th February 2012

Shirt 1

I made the shirt using a couple of old patterns sort of bodged together, then adapted that so I could have the contrast colours. The back has a vaguely shield-quarters pattern appliqued on, because *of course* no anime character could just have a plain shirt. The rollneck part is separate from the main shirt (and in fact isn't even made yet; the one in the photo is just a trial run). It has to be separate so that I can actually get the shirt on over my head! Soon I'm going to have to rip this shirt up a bit for the full failknight effect (I've actually already had a go at tattering the right sleeve since taking the photo). It's going to be fun.

22nd January 2012

Wig 2

All the wefts I think I need are sewn in; it definitely has the right sort of shape (this pic has pins holding it into roughly the right style). Next up: styling and cutting. But that'll make it harder to store and I don't need to have this ready for a month, so I'll move on to making the shirt now.

22nd January 2012


This outfit of his is not actually very complex: black pants tucked into black boots, a grey-and-black shirt, bandages and black gloves. And an epic wig. The shirt will have to be made and the wig will have to be... created. But the rest I have around the place already.

21st January 2012

Wig 1

Fakir's hair is amazing. Voluminous, but with volume in places that are unusual to find in wigs - like above the ears, sigh. The crown of his head is on the right-hand side, but his hair parting is on the left; it's baffling stuff. So: I'm using two wigs (from Coscraft) a Punky XL and an old Vervain wig I've used before. The latter was a bit tangled but mostly only on top and right at the nape--lots of the wefts were salvageable. The Punky XL has tons of volume, and as it's quite long, I can backcomb the ponytail to give it the right shape. The main problem with the Punky is that, for all that volume, there's not a lot of hair length on top; to get around this, I;ve sewed in quite a lot of long wefts around the crown and above the left-hand side of the brow (all of which will sweep over to the right-hand side). I'll sew in more wefts tomorrow (I am out of patience with weft-sewing today); Pez has just found another wig I can scavenge some wefts from that will work brilliantly for the extra bulk at his temples. I sort of suspect this wig is going to wear me, rather than the converse, but it should be fun anyway.

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