Cosplayer: RebaSephiroth2

Variant: Faery Cloak

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

7th February 2012: Wig Part One Ready to plait need to find flowers for the headband now.

2nd February 2012: Wig Arrived It is so long needs cutting.

21st January 2012: The Wig I found the wig on Ebay I had buy exrta long so I can plait it will need cutting and styling too.

21st January 2012: Found the Material The purchased the fabric I can't believe my luck is perfect for my cosplay.

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 19th January 2012
Lovely character design. I can't wait to see this.

Kacela avatar

Kacela - 21st January 2012
Looking forward to seeing this; it will be beautiful =]

puzzledpenguin avatar

puzzledpenguin - 2nd February 2012
Wow, this looks like it will be beautiful.

HatsuneHawke avatar

HatsuneHawke - 20th February 2012
Can't wait to see how this turns out, its going to look awesome 8D

RebaSephiroth2 avatar

RebaSephiroth2 - 20th February 2012
Awwwww thanks Luna looking forward to meeting you are you going to May Expo? ^_^

Silantre avatar

Silantre - 3rd March 2012
Whoa that design looks gorgeous, when you finish this I already know it'll be pretty darn impressive.

Sapphistar avatar

Sapphistar - 5th March 2012
Beautiful Headband :) keep it up

RebaSephiroth2 avatar

RebaSephiroth2 - 5th March 2012
Awwwww thanks everyone.

FlyingMammal avatar

FlyingMammal - 5th March 2012
lovely work :)

Karakulz avatar

Karakulz - 6th May 2012
This looks really great!
That headband looks wonderful ^^

RebaSephiroth2 avatar

RebaSephiroth2 - 7th May 2012
Awww thank you very much for you kind comment.

FusionRose avatar

FusionRose - 15th May 2012
this is looking gorgeous =D x.

RebaSephiroth2 avatar

RebaSephiroth2 - 15th May 2012
Awwwww thank you so much.

Relion avatar

Relion - 15th May 2012
Looks so good! I thought I was the only one who liked Folklore! Can't wait to see this finished (:

RebaSephiroth2 avatar

RebaSephiroth2 - 15th May 2012
Great game. ^______^ Thanks for your comment.

eternal_aranel avatar

eternal_aranel - 18th May 2012
This looks lovely ~

TheStarlightFairy avatar

TheStarlightFairy - 19th May 2012
I have no idea what this is, but my word you have done a beautiful job so far!
It looks truely lovely and I can't wait to see the finished product at Expo!

RebaSephiroth2 avatar

RebaSephiroth2 - 19th May 2012
Awwwwww thank you so much.

Lady Bahamut avatar

Lady Bahamut - 19th May 2012
Looks epic! I hope I see it at the expo :D

RebaSephiroth2 avatar

RebaSephiroth2 - 19th May 2012
Look forward to seeing you in your fantastic Syaoran too. ^______^

KiraraYumi avatar

KiraraYumi - 19th May 2012
WHOA, this is amazing! Incredible! 8D

RebaSephiroth2 avatar

RebaSephiroth2 - 19th May 2012
Thank you for your kind comment.

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 19th May 2012
Looks amazing so far, I love it!

Einmyria avatar

Einmyria - 19th May 2012
This looks stunning! its so pretty and the details are amazing... can't wait to see it ^^

OmegaRFox avatar

OmegaRFox - 20th May 2012
Looks amazing :D
Can't wait to see it too x

RanmaSyaoran avatar

RanmaSyaoran - 28th May 2012
It was nice to see you again :D
I can tell a lot of hours went into this!

RebaSephiroth2 avatar

RebaSephiroth2 - 28th May 2012
Thank you Richard it was good to see you too. ^______^ *Hugs*

FlyingMammal avatar

FlyingMammal - 29th May 2012
You looked SO good and happy birthdayyyy again :)

RebaSephiroth2 avatar

RebaSephiroth2 - 29th May 2012
Thank you very much.

Lady Bahamut avatar

Lady Bahamut - 31st May 2012
You look AMAZING! I can't beleive I somehow missed seeing you the entire day! DX

Clockwork Dandy Noodles avatar

Clockwork Dandy Noodles - 9th January 2013
Ah ha :D I certainly remember you I've seen two of your cosplays now. Both have been fab :)