Nina - Breath of Fire IV


Amecon 2012

Featured in MyM mag Issue 4 page 45


I wore Nina to Kitacon 2012 in the Breath of Fire IV Cosplay Group with Fou-Lu (SlimDefinition) and Ryu (theisaak89) on the Friday.

I am also wearing Nina at Amecon 2012 on Sunday!

Nina is the princess of Wyndia in Breath of Fire IV, a kingdom that is part of the Eastern Alliance, Wing Clan.

Taken from Dragon-tear.net:

She meets Ryu while on a journey, searching for her missing sister Elena. Perhaps because of her delicate, high-class upbringing, she has a somewhat childish side to her; bluntly put, she's unreliable. She greatly admires her beautiful, levelheaded sister.

I had fun sitting on Ryu (as per the scene when Nina falls out of the tree). As well as yelling 'shiny' over a faerie drop I'm making (hehe). Cute poses with Fou-Lu also important (already did beaten up ones too with scattered feathers!).

I have already cosplayed as Deis from BoFIV and I have lots of fun as Nina!

DefineImagineMJ posted on 18 January, 2012 - 22:40
I'm so looking forward to this! ^_^'

Raye-chan posted on 18 January, 2012 - 22:41
Thanks :D I'm going to be a super hyper Nina who lands on Ryu and chases Fou!

DefineImagineMJ posted on 18 January, 2012 - 22:42
Now we are worried.... XD

Raye-chan posted on 18 January, 2012 - 22:43
XD haha ^_^ this is going to be epic!

DefineImagineMJ posted on 9 February, 2012 - 16:10
Ahhhh! I want to see you in it now! Damn it... XD

Raye-chan posted on 22 February, 2012 - 22:51
^_^ I want to finish it now too hehe, I think I found some nice wings this week, just waiting on payday ;)

DefineImagineMJ posted on 26 February, 2012 - 18:41

Raye-chan posted on 26 February, 2012 - 18:48
^^ Tehehehe! So pleased you like :D I'm going to buy a new top when I buy the wings as I'm not happy with the teal colour, it doesnt match by boots so I'm going to buy a royal blue one. x

8th April 2012

Da da da daaaaaaaah! Finished!

Got the broach painted and varnished with back safety pins today and yesterday - finished! The shrug gold detail is all finished today both front and back! Had to find a page of the manga for the back emblem for Nina's shrug :D I also painted the alice band so it matches everything :) Nina is finished and ready for Kitacon IV! I will be wearing her all day Friday (until the party) with the epic SlimDefinition as Fou-Lu and also Ryu and Cray! :D x

7th April 2012

Getting there...

Working on Nina's broach today, just got to groat it paint it and varnish it then it's done. Nina's shrug needs some detail adding with gold fabric paint then Nina will be ready for Kitacon!

5th April 2012

Broach and detail left to do

Finished the shrug tonight and edited the blue under top as it was too big. (thanks to my amazing mum for her assistance!) The shrug was designed using an old pillow case first and following the concept art. I have taken the batwing top in so it fits snugly and I'm keeping the sleeves unslitted. Just the broach to finish this weekend and some gold detail on the shrug. As an aded extra I'm making a faerie drop to use in skits!

4th April 2012

Almost there, just the shrug and broach left!

Okay so while I have not been putting updates on progress I have done ALOT XD The wings have been completely painted, the broach is in progress and so is the shrug. I am hoping to get the shrug base finished by this weekend so I can get the gold detail added and finish the broach off, then Nina is pretty much done! ^_^ not long til Kita! The staff will be made for MCM London Expo in May 2012

11th March 2012

Progress going well!

The wings arrived and there friggin awesome! I need to get some pink paint now, my new blue top is so much better too! I got a polystyrene ball to half and paint to use for the broach, and I got material for my shrug so it's just the shrug to make and she is ready for Kitacon! I will make the staff for expo in May.

2nd March 2012

Red bull it gives you wings XD

Purchased my wings for under £15 :) can't wait til they come at the end of next week! They are white so I need to paint them pink :)

26th February 2012

New top to come

Just got a new top for Nina, I wasn't happy with the shade compared to the boots, so I am getting a royal blue one, if its not right im paiting the boots!

26th February 2012

Wig test

Done my wig test ^_^ the flick is fun to do

25th February 2012

These boots are made for walking....

I've now put a slit in the back of the boots do they fit, I think I'm going to have to paint them teal as they are the wrong blue compared to the top, trying to get a pattern for the shrug but may need to just have a go without one, then just the wings to get!

22nd February 2012


I think I have found some good wings, but I will need to buy them on payday and paint them pink. Couldn't find a suitable shrug so I'll have to make that from scratch! Need to cut the back of the wellies too as they aren't stretching enough ><

8th February 2012

Bit by bit

The top, boots and wig arrived. While the top colour and boots are not exactly alike they do compare quite well on camera together :) Just stretching out the boots a bit! I just need the wings and shrug now!

18th January 2012

Made a start

Okay so I have bought the wig, I have a top coming and the boots. I already have the headband and I need to check if the leggings I already have suit the top when it arrives :) progress going well so far, need to address the wings and shrug next

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