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Worn AtKitacon IV (2012)




I'm doing this cosplay to Kita mostly because Pudding is doing Redglare and sinXsational is doing The Signless.

Erm description? Well dress, leggings, green leatherette, silky fabric?

Alot more money went on this than I had wanted... infact alot more money has been spent on Kita in general xD


Anonymous posted on 18 January, 2012 - 00:28
Mmm, neon green pvc. It tastes like key lime pie and electrical gas discharge, delicious... ;P

Raine posted on 18 January, 2012 - 01:26
Hahaha! I approve xD

ToroSonyCat posted on 4 April, 2012 - 14:15
The dress looks great! :D

Progress Journal

Woo! (Posted 3rd April 2012)

The end is in sight!! I have spent 8 hours or more hand sewing today, my thumb hates me but it'll be forth it, I have a couple more bits to hand sew est time about and hour to 2 hours then it's sewing machine then ripping the dress! :D then it's only the wig n horns onto the hairband but I need to get nails for that.

My dress so far, I hate stripes! (Posted 1st April 2012)

As you maybe able to tell from my title I now hate stripes, hand sewing these on took AGES I hate hand sewing D':

Rage (Posted 18th March 2012)

This cosplay is just making me rage, really need to get a bodice -_- but I have however made progress!

Enjoy leggings :D

... (Posted 13th March 2012)

Okay this is making me rage now, the mock garment sat perfectly and yet the actual fabric is like "LOL your sleeves will be too short and you can be baggy at the armpits and lololol" so I may kick it to the face, now to sit n think how to fix this tetris style without destroying my expensive fabric.... I hope nothing goes wrong with my lime green leatherette D:<

Fffffff (Posted 12th March 2012)

Okay I have a pattern cut out n all but I would like to state I officially hate darts... Why the heck do you suddenly choose to slap me in the face? D:<

On another note YAY Progress lol!

Wig (Posted 22nd February 2012)

My wig arrived today! It's different than what I expected but I looks good, just gonna have to give it some more volume~ sorry about it being sideways lol!

Horniiies (Posted 30th January 2012)

I like how it looks like homies... Aaanyway I made horns today! Now to see if I like how they look when dry :3

To do (Posted 16th January 2012)

I have the fabric, I have shoes ordered, I have leggings. All I need to get still is the stuff for my horns and the wig I've been eyeing up xD