Jill Valentine - Resident Evil





About the costume: I wanted to make this costume as cheap as I could by re-using ot already finding things I own. I kown I have talked about doing it before, but I finally decided on now because I had a lot of left over material ect. The wig was re-used from my Shiori cosplay just styled it a little different. I already owned the blue contacts from a few other costumes as well. The black knit came from left over Izumi fabric from my maid costume one of my favs! <3. The strip of tan fabric is from one of my first costumes Battle Royale. Somehow I got that one lost from moving and never got photos of it! Maybe I will re-make it one day I loved the movie. The guns where super cheap from a holloween store and I just painted the to look real. Then I added on a lazer so I can aim the red light super cool rght! That'w they I like the guns so much! For the top I bought a jersey material and just made it pretty simple. The flashlight and some other things I already had and I also just painted that as well. The shoes came from my Shimei cosplay which I love love! I found cheap discount vinyl fabric and made the holster straps out of it. There a lot of snaps ect.

for more information on this costume please visit: www.kannonkosplay.com/


This Little Nephilim posted on 17 April, 2012 - 14:53
looks great