Erza Scarlet (Normal outfit) - Fairy Tail

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Kitacon IV (2012)


My main reason for cosplaying as Erza is because she is my favourite character from Fairy Tail, with her personality and her magic ability being Requip, changing her armour and weapons, mainly swords, which I love, also I get to wear a red wig XD

I did her base outfit for Kitacon IV and recently I made most of her base armour after the 7 year gap, at tokonatsu 2015, where I was convinced to enter the masquerade with this costume.

I still have her Pauldrons, gauntlets and sword to finish making, with needing to make some improvements to the armour. Her boots also need to be remade, due to them wear and tear, as well as possibly replacing the wig.

Rogue Dreams posted on 15 January, 2012 - 05:12
Yay another Erza cosplayer! Good luck with it :)

Solaria posted on 24 January, 2012 - 17:58
Oh id love to see this 8D You;ll defo suit her a lot! Makes me want to rewear Lucy

Dark and Light Samurai posted on 18 February, 2012 - 17:00
Thank you for the good luck and support guys ^_^

18th February 2012


So far I have the top which I need to add the ruffle look to the sides of the centre and tighten it, as bought online but is a big, loose size 12 probably due to the fashion at the time. I have the ribbon to make the neck tie. I've got the boots; I love the look of them but they are going to kill me as they are high heeled, good for giving me height, but even the gel pads cant stop the fact that my feet have never been good with high heels. Got the wig, which is the perfect colour and great length, but not the best quality as its small/tight on the head and has messy fibres around the fringe =/ All that is left to buy is the material for the skirt, which is being difficult to find in store, so I have to resort to buying from the internet and at least getting the right type of fabric but probably not the exact shade of blue.

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