Mako - Nerima Daikon Brothers





Ready for debut at Anime Detour! Will be a group cosplay with my friends as Hideki, Ichiro, and Pandaikon. Pink hair is not the most attractive on me...


Button-down Blouse - Altered from McCall's 5138. Sewn from simple cotton. Being cotton, it's a bit see-through, so I bought a yellow tank top and chopped off the midriff to wear underneath it.

Jacket - Altered from Burda 7421. The pattern called for pockets in the front, but I redrafted a bit to avoid those. Made from black polyester suiting. The shoulders looked a little shapeless without shoulder pads, so I put some in. I feel very 80's.

Skirt - Altered from Burda 8237. Made from the same fabric as the jacket. The only alteration I really made was to lower the waistline, since Mako wears her skirt low on her hips.

Tie - Altered from McCall's 2447. I wish I'd made the tie a little wider. I actually had to go Google how to tie a tie - I only thought I could remember how.

Wig - It looked a lot longer when I ordered it on eBay. Needed the curls put in, and a little trimming on the bangs.

Shoes & Stockings - For once, a cosplay that perfectly matched a set of shoes I already owned! Black 'granny' lace-up boots that I found at Goodwill for about $20.

Accessories - The stockings were a Legg Avenue item, and I added a strip of clear silicone caulking around the top to help them stay put - I hate having to pull up my stockings every five steps, and the silicone actually works perfectly! The fedora, sunglasses, and flared-cross earrings were all purchased on eBay.


Fishyfins posted on 16 March, 2012 - 02:23

White Tigress posted on 31 July, 2013 - 18:20
Fantastic seeing this series cosplayed, especially with a group together ^^