Eric Draven - The Crow




When I wore this costume the first time round I hadn't seen anyone cosplay him, and I wanted an excuse to get a leather coat. And when I found one on ebay for £7 there was no way I wasn't cosplaying him. XD So I got to be the shortest Eric ever. Of course, there's been at least two every expo since there, so clearly I set a trend. >>;;

It was another easy cosplay without too much modification/sewing involved.

For this costume I:
Brought a cheap wig and cut/styled it
Brought the jacket off ebay
Brought the shirt from matalan and ripped it
Brought and used face paints/make up
Brought and used a vast amount of electricians/duct tape
(Already had the boots/trousers from Ed)

I am never wearing face paints again for a costume. Ever. It's /so/ uncomfortable.

Because of the facepaints and the tape I've not reworn this costume, but one Halloween I will go out in it to get some decent pictures.


Taldur posted on 17 June, 2011 - 13:54