Talim (Second Costume) - Soul Calibur III


2006 Archon 31- Journeyman Class Best Anime in Show




Why I did this costume: I started to be a big fan of Soul Calibur when the second game came out. It also had a cool arcade cabinet where you could save your character and come back and play where you left off. Originally I wanted to do the Talim costume from the second game. I liked all of her costumes and I never stuck to one. Then when the SCIII came out I instantly fell in love with her second costume! I thought it was absolutely perfect for me! It was also like a mixture of a pirate and a japanese schoolgirl outfit. I probably won’t pick another Talim costume and now I am sad that she isn’t in the new Soul Calibur. She was always my favorite character.

About the costume: This was one of my first costumes and I think it was really challenging for me at the time even later when I re-did a few things. Even though it was really difficult I learned how to do a lot of new things which help me with some later costumes. If was my first time making jewelry, making shoes, making a hat from scratch, and working with some new fabrics. It was a lot of work and hand-sewing in a lot of different parts of the costume. I would really like to work on again with the new skills I have learned to really make this costume look better.

Costume History: Originally made in 2007 and revised in 2009.


Puppykitten14 posted on 10 January, 2012 - 23:18
Awesome Talim, i love this character, you suit her soooo well!!

Kannon Kosplay posted on 25 January, 2012 - 07:29
Thank you! ^__^