Edward Elric - Full metal alchemist




This was my first official cosplay, and I adore it.

Most of it was made my by mum: the coat and the jacket. The coat was made from scratch, and the jacket is a primark shirt with the collar cut down and white bias binding attached.

The tank top and PVC trousers (which I do NOT wear for meets/casually) were from charity shops - £2 for the trousers? BARGIN~. The boots were my school shoes (navy blue DMs) that originally came from a charity shop for £8, and were falling apart from constant use.

For this costume I:
Painted the pattern on the back of the coat with a fabric pen
Painted the shoes with fabric paint. The shoe laces still need replacing, and I keep meaning to do it, but oh well
Took in the gloves so that they actually fitted
Made cardboard/foam automail which I got signed by Vic later. It needs to be remade
Cut/styled my own hair (I use manga head for the antennae, but often it defies gravity and sticks up by itself). I still wear it in that style.

It was originally worn at my second expo, May 2007, in a group with Bluecubez (Winry) and MochaBerryTan (Roy). It was luck that Vic came to that expo - I was always going to do Ed as my first cosplay.

It's my most reworn costume: I wear it a lot of the time as casual wear. If you ever see an Ed coat in Oxford? Probably me. To date, I think I've worn it for three or four official meets. The coat now has black paint stains on the back from my Hiyori sheathe. I usually wear it with skinny jeans rather than the PVC trousers, just because they're more comfortable.


Black-Cat-1 posted on 28 March, 2009 - 16:41
nicely done ^___^