Aries (Commission) - Fairy Tail






I'm making this as my very first commission! Someday after i'll cosplay it though- as I love Aries! - so i'm really happy i get to make this for my first commission!

With the fabulous Liam_xlr8r as Leo/ Loke :D

Its truly fitting seen as i'm an Aries and he's a Leo :P

That and we both loves Fairy Tail


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Progress Journal

3rd December 2012


Dress is done - bar a few minor changes.
Arm covers just need elasticating .
Neck piece just needs the velcro adding
Boot covers have been started!

Should be done quite soon - just got to work on the commission i have thats a christmas present first.

1st November 2012

Arm covers

Lining is white Polycotton.
Material is 'fun fur' = sheep wool effect fur.
Fur IS white - however it needs washing at present.

Neck piece, boot covers and dress will also be made with the 'fun fur'
All but neck piece will have a white polycotton lining.