Gogo Yubari - Kill Bill vol. 1

Worn AtLondon MCM Expo May 2012




Froggycompany posted on 10 February, 2012 - 15:40
Fantastic, love this character!

Sailorette posted on 23 April, 2012 - 01:34
Sorry for the late reply! Hardly use CosplayIsland anymore >< but definitely can't wait to cosplay Gogo, glad you like her yoo ^^

Pandora-Chi posted on 2 June, 2012 - 23:29
This cosplay turned out so so well <3 I love it!! You suit Gogo perfectly! And am still very proud of you of hand sewing everything! x

Progress Journal

Gogo Yubari weapon: complete! (Posted 20th May 2012)

Gogo Yubari weapon: complete! Cutting it so close to expo haha xD added spikes and spray painted..going to redo the chain by buying a metallic one as I didn't sand it down and prime it ready to spray paint so it keeps rubbing off on my hands :c

Gogo weapon! (Posted 17th May 2012)

Gogo Yubari progress! Not sure about swinging it around due to the small chains on the ball, but it seems pretty sturdy held in place for everything else and lightweight.
I used a polystrene ball, foam double-sided stickers (as couldn't find one-sided versions) so washed out the residue with a soapy sponge and nail varnish remover, added some acrylic paint so it's set to spray-paint, a bottle cap and tin cap pin for the top to hold the chain, grey board for the spikes cut out with kids scissors xP and necklace chains for the smaller chains.....spray painting at a later date once my other spikes arrive!

Cosplay finished! (Posted 13th May 2012)

Uma: Gogo da'ne?
Gogo: Bingo!

Completed cosplay! Just waiting on my polystrene ball to start the weapon :3

Bow! (Posted 29th April 2012)

Gogo bow completed xD just need to add clips to the ends

Shoes! (Posted 16th April 2012)

Thanks to my persistence of having the exact detailing of whoever I'm cosplaying I managed to get the exact shoes Gogo wore in Kill Bill xD yay. Next stop ribbed white socks..which seem to exist nowhere o.O

Blazer progress #5 (Posted 9th April 2012)

Sorry for the bad picture, but it's finished! I promise to get a full complete picture once I finish sewing the neck bow and get the shoes and shirt :3

Blazer progress #4 (Posted 1st April 2012)

Blazer almost completed: both pockets and breast pocket plus patch and front collar added. Just need to add the buttons on front & sleeves, then take it in a bit.

Blazer Progress #3 (Posted 26th March 2012)

Blazer progress: sleeves and back & front 90% finished. Back collar added

Blazer progress #2 (Posted 20th March 2012)

Half done xD need to resize sleeves, do other half, back and collar..then pockets, buttons, etc

Blazer Progress (Posted 20th March 2012)

Pattern finally bought and printed so got started on my blazer for Gogo!

Badge! (Posted 24th February 2012)

Badge arrived

Skirt complete! (Posted 22nd February 2012)

Ironed skirt, elastic added and pleats all done, happy with the length. Onto blazer!

Skirt progress (Posted 4th February 2012)

Pleating and length cut xD Waist and hem done ^^ adding elastic

Bought material! (Posted 3rd February 2012)

Gogo Yubari materials bought xD just need to buy the lining for the blazer then start on the weapon :3