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Myself from a few months ago would be judging too.
.... IDEK anymore... I gave it another go..and probably blame pretty fanart...I actually understood it and liked it this time.

Debute --> Kitacon IV 2012
Rewear --> London MCM Expo May 2012

MadameLapin posted on 20 April, 2012 - 16:29
You look so awesome! Your expressions are the best and you're my headcanon for how Karkat looks now /someonewhohasn'treadhomestuck

Print symbol to tshirt
Black long sleeve tee
Grey pants

Total cost: £0.00

3rd March 2013

Wigs and horns. moar wigs and horns.

After a year I've finally made a new set from light sculpey clay that weights so much better but this new wig is super thick and curlyish so was a pain to cut and style.. I think It'll suit Kankri and the Signless cosplays more than Karkat.

17th March 2012

wig change

Changing the wig to this one because it floofs up more than the other one ^^

21st January 2012

karkat progress: make up

make up progress.. I'm unsure if i should believe it's light grey. I look like smurf.

19th January 2012

the get up.

So I have the shirt going on. I need to hem the jeans cause I'm such a short ass... I just grabbed the closes short black wig to hand for this so pretty much still hunting out Karkat wigs and going to kill the horns & remake the, to fit under the wig.

18th January 2012

Shirt complete.

Frustrating printer war. I don't like using T-shirt transfers after the Tai digimon Stars disaster but this... turned out okay.. |:

11th January 2012

Horns drying.

I've gave in a started this to see if I get the cosplay out way quickly for Kitacon. I might blend the paint in a bit more, it's looking rather stripy. I've also bought Grey trousers but being men's and freaking massive on me, I'll need to gain some Trouser tweaking knowledge. |:

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