Alita / Gally - Battle Angel


2010 Archon 34- Journeyman Class Best Anime in Show




About the costume:

Wing: had a great opportunity to weld and with tools I wouldn’t normally be available to use for this costume. I was excited to take on the task of re-making it. All the pieces for the wing were found in a junk-yard. Then they were welded together. I even found a lot of little gears which took sometime but I found it worth it. I also made a harness cover to put over the raw hardness of wood and found metal. I found cutting, bending, and welding all the pieces the most enjoyable. The feathers were glued together how I saw fit and then carefully added on.
Wig: I originally had a different wig when I debuted this cosplay. Recently in 2012 I have gotten a new on for some photos. I still kept the old one and added the new on with it after styling and cutting it. I wanted to get the fullness of Alita’s extensive hair.
Shoes: Making shoes again, I usually find it as a pain. I took boots and then added shoe covers I made. The I use elastic to make the boots covers and added in a loose stitch until I got the bunchy effect I wanted. Alll the pieces hanging off are sewn on in the seam to look neat. I clapped on the detail on the ends of them as the final touch!
Knees: This was a little bit of a pain to make but I like to try out all different various methods of making things. I used wonderflex in which I then coated to give more of a smooth look for when I painted it. I needed the pieces to bend and go together with my knee without falling off or hitting one another ect. Then when my knee is bend I have all the little pieces behind it to show. There was some extensive study of various photos to try to get this part right.
Gloves/Body-suit: Working with vinyl again it can be such a pain! Sometimes it sticks to the machine to it’s good to find ways around this. I like the way vinyl looks but I don’t always like working with it.
Jacket: I had already had the jacket when I originally did Battle Angel. I had made alterations and hemmed it. Also adding little details like buttons ect.

Why I made this costume: This costume has a really long history with me. I original had made this costume in 2003. It was the first costume I had ever wore on stage. It was a really great experience so this costume really means a lot to me. Not to mention one of the first animations out of Japan that I had seen at the time. Later now when I had more experience with costumes I really wanted to re-make the costume with my newly crafted skills. I am a very big fan of Alita and after watching the OVA I really enjoyed reading the graphic novels. Alita is truly and amazing character and I am in love with the art style.


-Made in 2003 Re-made 2010
-Updated in 2011 New Wig-

-Photo-shoot – Dec, 2011


Dragonkid01 posted on 9 January, 2012 - 16:08
awesome ♥

Siouxsie James posted on 25 March, 2013 - 09:40
Wow great cosplay! And it's such a rare thing to see cosplayed too!! <3