CL (Ugly) - 2NE1


Not sure when this is for but me and my friend love their outfits from the MV and just knew we had to do it. She'll be my Dara~

Now to be done for Kita~

Done! To be warn Saturday of Kitacon

Warn at : Kitacon IV, MCM Expo May'12

Member-XI posted on 23 January, 2012 - 19:38
I can't wait to see this finished, 2NE1 are an excellent group. :)

Anonymous posted on 23 January, 2012 - 20:33
Kawaii!! I cannot wait to see this!

gaming_goddess posted on 29 January, 2012 - 15:57
I love the uv reactive paint - such cool outfits!

Spicary posted on 31 January, 2012 - 11:29
I think its realy cool that you do kpop cosplays! ^^ Can't wait ot see it finished~

eastasiangeek posted on 5 February, 2012 - 20:02
omg i soooo cant believe im going to miss you at kitacon! sucks! i love 2ne1 by passion but omg!!! awesome!!

PepperCos posted on 13 February, 2012 - 14:40

Customise Top
Tights & Fishnets
Laces for boots
Strings on Shorts
Other accessories - Necklace/Bracelets
Striped material for strings
Laces 2nd set
Footless Fishnets
Tank top

Total cost: £0.00

2nd April 2012

So close!

Everything apart from the Top is done now. I lost my base top (we've looked all over the house it's just GONE) so I've just bought a new one and hopefully I can get it painted by next week for Kita. o.o

6th March 2012

Some step backs but a few steps forward too.

So steps forward first! Tights arrived so that sorted. New mask arrived after I lost the other one and I've done the first coat of paint already. Fabric for thick stripes strings arrived. Step backs Wig arrived and it's horrible. OTL I'm running low on funds though so it may 'have to do' butIreallyhateitT_T The fabric that arrived for the thick striped strings is faded on the back and freys really easily so I'm going to have to kinda hem them together, which is going to take longer then I wanted as my machine hates me with a burning passion. I'm buying the paint for her top tomorrow so hopefully that will go well once I start it.

1st February 2012

Footless Fishnets

They arrived and despite being knee length they are actually the same length as my entire leg (Yay for short people~) Haven't got the purple tights yet but I just wanted to show you what they looked like ^^ Also second pair of laces for boots arrived so those are now finished. Once the top arrives I'm going to start doing tests for the paint. Strings are almost done, I need to buy fabric for the thicket striped ones and I can't afford that at the moment so I'm waiting till next month for that. I'll also buy the wig next month too. Other then that though the cosplay is going really well~

29th January 2012

Thin strings done

Thinly striped strings done, going to hopefully get material for thick ones in the next week if so. Need to sew the turn up bit on the shorts, bad possibly discoloured them too as they aren’t as light as hers. Also boots on~ still need the laces for the other boot ^^

29th January 2012


Started off work on the strings on CL's shorts, got the thin stripped ones done, just need to shorten them a bit and properly attach them to the shorts (once the shorts have been distressed ect.) and then I'm going to work on the thicker stripped ones, I'm going to try and use the same fabric and somehow make the stripes bigger (I have a metre of this stuff and I barely used 15cm's of it with the first set of strings T_T) So hopefully you'll see more progress with them soon if my plan goes well XD

23rd January 2012


Boots arrived as did a set of laces, however having just one lace in the shoes just didn't look enough so I tied the laces together for extra length then bowed them twice at the end so that they didn’t drag/trip me up and to get more of the MORE feel. Quite happy with it, come payday I'll buy another set for the other boot ^^ I've also bought the mask and some fabric to start the strings so as soon as it arrives I'll be making them and adding them to the shorts, as well as distresing the shorts a bit more :)

18th January 2012

Boots, Research & Shorts

Boots arrived today and I've found some laces that should be perfect for them so I'm going to buy two sets of those soon (2 so that there is masses of laces on the boots like hers) I've done lots of research and have found most of the materials I need for the strings, a wig and tights. My Dara has found UV paint that we can use too. I've taken a pair of old jeans and cut them into shorts, they need distressing a bit more but they should do. Once payday comes I'll have more updates as I'm completely broke right now XD But progress is progress!

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