Sailor Moon

Cosplayer: rokubomb

Variant: transformation

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

9th January 2012: Meatball head So, when I ordered the wig the meatballs XD were terribly styled! but it was a great quality wig anyway.
Meatball: I started off by looping parts of the hair (knotting)where I wanted the bun to be, this was the base in which I would start the shape off.
I then began to wrap individual strands of the wig in a circle so it began to build shape. Doing this with all the pieces whilst spraying and crocidile clipping them in place seemed to make the bun look much more effective.

Armor thing :L : I used fimo clay for this. Rolling out a white piece and a red piece, cutting circular shapes out (white bigger than red)and placing them together in place. I then put them in a circular bowl which was oven proof to acheive all greatness of that annoying curve XD haha. Heating it in the oven for around 15 minutes would do. Finally I varnshed (with actual nail varnish) and stuck clips to the piece to make it attachable to the wig. (I also added a white shine to make it look more cartoony)