Mina Murray (red absinthe gown.) - Bram stokers dracula




The red bustle gown worn by mina whilst she's with Dracula. This is one of my holy grail costumes, and now I'm more confident in my skills, I think I'm ready to tackle the dress. I've done the very first piece of under pinnings which was a bustle pillow which will sit under my bustle cage to give the mahoosive loft the skirt has at the back.
This is going to take maybe 25 metres of fabric for the dress alone and maybe 15 for the ruffles on the bustle, so starting now is a good idea. I have the corset to make as well ad the rest of it. Just got to plan it out into a workable scale so its done for July.


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Progress Journal

10th January 2012


Wow, that was an experience, just finished drafting my first ever custom fit corset pattern, thought I'd buggered up a couple of times but after sitting back and looking and re checking, found it was a simple fix. Though I'll know in future what to do. Gonna start the mockup tomorrow to ensure its a good fit and to alter any little mistakes and issues, from there I get to make the real thing. I can't wait!!!!