Sylvanas Windrunner - World of Warcraft





I SOOOO want to get round to making this costume. This probably won't be made untill next year or something, who knows, i might get bored and remove it! like I and most other people do xD

but it's a challenge I think I'm ready to take on :) FUCK knows how the fucking fuck I'm gonna start off, but I'm sure I'll figure something out, hell I made myself an entire faux leather coat without having a single clue 8D

Sylvanas is exactly the type of character I love to cosplay. and uh, no. haven't played world of warcraft....actually makes me feel kinda guilty so, I MAY play a demo first >.> just a teeny one.
I think i've got a few ideas on how to make her armour, I definitely am going to wear a long silver wig and attempt to make the infamous WoW eyebrows, lol. uhm, contacts are gonna be tricky, because I'm blind as a bat and have to wear eye correction ones anyway, will I manage to find a pair of red eye correction ones good enough for this? >.> I've heard about people wearing both eye correction AND colour contacts together, though that sounds daft and I don't wanna attempt it. :S
blue body paint! I can picture the state of my shower now. and I wanna wear crazy ankle crushing heels with this, just like the ones she has on the DC statue. No they're not realistic but who cares! WoW isn't realistic! xD I think it's more epic when cosplayers make themselves crazy tall :D
uhm uhm uhm.... yuh! ooooooooo I'm exciteeeeed.


callmemilo posted on 7 January, 2012 - 01:25
hot..... hot...... :P