Hanabusa Aido (Outfit only, cosplayer is Ballet Shoes) - Vampire Knight




If people bother to read this bit:
If you're commenting about the cosplaying, please do so on Ballet Shoes cos this really hot blonde bishi is not me! COMMENTS ONLY ABOUT THE SUIT!

Well, after a lot of sweat and tears I have finally accomplished the suit! I'm very pleased with myself! Almost everything that could go wrong went wrong on this:

1) I started by not being able to find the buttons or studs.
Solved: At last minute found some gold buttons (large and small ones which is accurate according to the manga) and painted them silver. The paint took 2 days to dry properly then I had to highlight the details using a tiny brush, resulting in very cramped hands and double vision. The studs, although I have not stuck them on due to lack of time for the debut I had to painstakingly sculpt individually using sculpey.

2) I couldn't get a suit pattern.
Solved: butchered a Primarni suit and Amy Lou helped me locate a pattern.

3) I decided to use blood red lining and you could see it through the white fabric.
Solved: I had to use medium interfacing making the fabric less see-through, really stiff and hellish to sew but gives a gorgeous tailored look to the overall shape.

4) Cut the pattern pieces wrong about a million times so nearly ran out of fabric.
Solved: Sheer will power and a little bit of sleep

5) The collar and Lapels kept wrinkling up.
Solved: I joined the sewing forum and someone found a video on how to sew collars and lapels and it turned out I was sewing it wrong!

6) The waistcost is inaccurate, I did all of the back in satin but it turns out there is a little bit in polycotton.
Solved: Couldn't care less

All in all this suit gave me hell, I barely ate, drank or slept, even went through a 24 hour sewing session meaning no sleep for well over 48 hours and little food or drink to keep me going!


It was well worth it! Sorry to brag, but a lot of people kept asking Ballet Shoes where she bought her suit from because it looked better than any others they'd seen! It felt amazing to say "we didn't buy it, Georgi made it!" *BEAM*


Anonymous posted on 11 November, 2008 - 19:42
Amazinnng!! Georgi you got skills! Every new costume I am more amazed :D

Sephirayne posted on 18 July, 2010 - 23:39
Fab costumes. Looks fab on Ballet Shoes.