Sheryl Nome (Kimono) - Macross Frontier

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Bumped up to progress because my loooovely wigs have arrived and they are gorgeous which means I can go ahead with this challenge omg omg omg. Sadly I can't start until all my tests and coursework are over XD
I shall start posting pics in my journal when I can be bothered to upload pictures from my camera~

I've grown to like this costume actually, I'll probably make the costume for next year once I get this year's plans out of the way. Because I shouldn't plan any more expensive costumes for this year XD


Omfg someone stop me from adding costumes.
I have no idea when I'll make the costume itself, but I kinda want to have a go at entering the Coscraft wig styling competition! None of my planned costumes have challenging wigs, I was considering doing something like Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh because I've always wanted to cosplay Yami Yugi anyway... But who can resist a giant hair bow on their head? It's like Lady Gaga inspired XD
To be honest I'm not keen on kimono making, because I truly suck at it!! So God knows when the hell I make the actual costume unless I find a matching Ranka, otherwise this may just be a wig only entry XD

The wig will be a big learning process, I have an idea of how to do it already! Let's see if it'll work!

I may take this down if I find I cannot get the wig done in time or I simply cannot afford this beast!
Wish me luck, I think I've lost my mind ;A;


Pandora-Chi posted on 5 January, 2012 - 23:58
OMG this will be an instant killer both wig and cosplay but it is a gorgeous entry! 8D If you do go through with it, I wish you luck - your wig styling skills are amazing! ^^ x

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Progress Journal

25th January 2012


Because I feel this tutorial needs to be shared with everyone, it's so pretty!

My flowers will be inspired by this tutorial.
I'll be using curved triangles and will probably be using a candle to burn the edges as my heat gun is at home and don't fancy bringing it to Uni! Will also just be buying economy satin in the colours I need rather than buying white satin and dying it.
As much as I love the two tone effect dying it gives, I'm a poor student XD

>>> <<<

Been looking at several flower making tutorials (as people on my Twitter will know by now... Sorry xD; ) as it seems I will be making a lot of flowers in the future. It's like my hat making obsession!