Edward Elric - Full metal alchemist


AmeCon 2004




Okay, long story - I watched the series, fell in love with him and decided to cosplay him for Amecon 2004. I planned *way* in advance, thought about the entire costume, and ordered some funky foam from the craft shop in order to make my first armour that wasn't out of upholstery foam. I really wanted to make his automail, so I decided to do just his t-shirt & trousers version, as the extra black top and red coat would a) hide the automail and b) be roasting in August!

I already had a suitable wig, his trousers and black t-shirt, and some boots I could modify. Weeks passed, and the foam didn't come. Months went by, so I gave up the idea of making Ed for that Amecon, and made a Winry costume instead. *Then* four days before Amecon, (while still making my other costumes) I got a phone call - the foam was in. In a brief moment of madness I decided I'd pick up the foam the next day, and go ahead and make the costume, against my friend's advice!

Pretty much all three days before the con was spent on making the automail, which I drafted up from paper, and then cut it out of foam. The fixed parts were glued, and anything that needed to move was held together by metal poppers. I primed the foam using spray primer, and then used an enamel 'pewter' coloured spray paint to get the finish. I choose the pewter colour because I didn't want it a really shiny finish, but something more dull and worn.

I learnt from this project - spray primer does *not* prime funky foam, it actually wears off pretty easily after a few hours on parts where there is contact with something. Enamel paint cracks when bent - if you do a light dusting of the paint its fine, but many coats will just crack if the foam is bent. Also, spraying foam in a greenhouse at 3am with only a torch is not the best way to get an even coat of paint ;) I've since learned a lot more about using funky foam, but this was my first attempt so I wasn't expecting it to go that well :D I didn't have time to finish the automail, so he's missing various panels and pieces all over it!

I dont make a very good Ed, but I really just wanted to make his automail XD I only have two photos of me in this costume - both of them in the bar with a drink!


MangaChild posted on 7 November, 2007 - 22:57
I don't think Winry could build Automail this cool XD Delusional is now the best Automail Mechanic in town :)

MetroidManiac posted on 28 January, 2008 - 11:12
Bitchin Automail! I need to look into this funky foam stuff, could be useful for my HEV suit...

Adziu posted on 20 March, 2008 - 06:06
Wow. Given how quickly it was planned and made, that's a pretty incredible bit of automail!

Sands posted on 22 August, 2008 - 23:31
oh wow i never knew you made this kat, looks aces! thats one lovely arm you have there!