Princess Mononoke (San) (Ending fight version) - Princess Mononoke (Hayao Miyazaki)

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I love this movie, since i am very little. I cosplay since a few years, but i never dared to play San. I got decided to make it when i watched the movie for the Xth time, just because of her special character, and the place she takes in my rating of favourite animes.
The costume is composed of basically four parts, the mask and cape, the dress, the shoes and her white shirt.
Right now, i am working on the mask, which is a pain. I made three different tries, one with bakeable play-doh, which cracked while baking, one with resine and fabric, which is very uncomfortable and heavy, and one with paper covered with plastic, which is fine, i hope.
I am trying to stich it to what forms the cape, which is also hard.
Accesories, such as her knive, headband and necklace are required. I found adequate beads, and will make the headband from black ribon.
The rest of the clothes will e cotton, and the shoes simili-leather.


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