The Janitor (Later-series version (blue rather than grey)) - Scrubs




Not exactly as complicated a cosplay as Hughes, but I didn't think I'd ever seen anyone cosplay the Janitor at Expo before and thought it had to be done...

Wasn't sure what kind of reaction I'd get (it being such a totally non-anime related and quite simple cosplay) but I seemed to get a good amount of love for it =D

Worn at:
> London Expo, October 2008
> Minamicon 2009

To be worn at:
> London Expo, May 2009


Anonymous posted on 29 October, 2008 - 15:19
I saw you and totally squealed like a fool because the Janitor from Scrubs is amazingand it was such a surprise to see someone cosplaying him. Your costume's well awesome. :)

Berserk667 posted on 29 October, 2008 - 17:03
Ah dude i saw the costume thought for a second and clicked. Didn't see it coming lol. Great idea

AmethystEyes posted on 10 November, 2008 - 14:59

hanagata posted on 11 November, 2008 - 21:48
lol, I saw it and took me a second to realized it was Scrub's janitor. Good job (y). Didn't see it coming, lol.

Uni posted on 11 November, 2008 - 22:04
N'ya! I did not realise this was you! You looked fantastic!

Defrain posted on 23 November, 2008 - 10:11
lol rember seeing you kudos to you epic choice

Captain_Marvelous posted on 15 January, 2009 - 10:49
Holy funk this is raaaaaaad! you really look like him ^.^

nanahara posted on 14 February, 2009 - 10:10
was great idea to cosplay him, you pulled it of well

Uni posted on 4 April, 2009 - 12:20
i'm horrified how much you look like him @.@

Limegreenjelly posted on 4 April, 2009 - 12:30
O_O you look just like the janitor O_O tht is cool... loving the outfit :)

White Leviathan posted on 4 April, 2009 - 12:36
Totally epic! We have to plan something just as epic for your next cos!

MoonLily posted on 4 April, 2009 - 13:01
I just realised I never commented on this! What a crime! You make an awesome Janitor! :D

Sands posted on 4 April, 2009 - 13:54

No thanks posted on 4 April, 2009 - 15:06
HAHA! Oh god i seen you! I passed you and i wanted to say hi! so bad! <3333 Janitor xDDD i told all my mates about you when i got home i was all "OH LORD. SOME GUY COSPLAYED THE JANITOR AND I FELL IN LOVE. 8|" Such a great cosplay. Well done,man...Well done.. 8| *hugs*

Toshi-chan posted on 4 April, 2009 - 18:22
aww this is such a brilliant cosplay ^.^ made me smile =]

Charlie-Bear posted on 6 April, 2009 - 21:23
This cosplay totally made my expo for me, you're the spitting image of the Janitor! So epic 8D

RanmaSyaoran posted on 16 April, 2009 - 21:28

Hannah-Kiwii posted on 19 May, 2009 - 16:53
...I wish I had seen this! It's so awesome! XD Brilliant taste in cosplay.

Yuka posted on 25 May, 2009 - 21:39
So much love for this costume, man XD What happened to the rest of the Scrubs group?

Kuma posted on 25 May, 2009 - 22:03
Ah! They're around, I just haven't posted a photo here yet ^^; Check my facebook!

sherbetsprite posted on 26 May, 2009 - 20:48
Dude!! I saw you!! You rocked this costume!!

caylithe posted on 27 May, 2009 - 21:46
I loved this costume, awesome cosplay that made my day :D! you guys were such a cool group ^^. I loved the air band you guys did outside the centre. Thanks for the lovely comment!

Demented Kid posted on 29 May, 2009 - 23:39
Sooo glad I gots to meet the Janitor! X3 Epic cosplay and you suit him so well XD

LittleMissChikorita posted on 23 September, 2009 - 22:33
most awesome cosplay ever.x

goodbyeworld posted on 25 September, 2009 - 19:45
Oh my god! Win!

timpey posted on 26 September, 2009 - 13:05
hehe so awesome ^^

timpey posted on 26 September, 2009 - 13:05
hehe so awesome ^^

Zehphir posted on 27 September, 2009 - 23:39
You sir, win~

DarkElf posted on 4 October, 2009 - 09:30
omg so much love! xD Brilliant idea for a costume and you did it fantastically!

FairyPorchQueen posted on 22 December, 2009 - 17:22
i love the janitor!! WOW you realyl do look like him!

ZhI0lV posted on 8 June, 2010 - 07:20
Janitor is Amazing! You did an Awesome job :D

ArcherPlusle posted on 16 July, 2010 - 14:17
Too awesome.

x posted on 23 August, 2010 - 22:39
I just saw your back at Amecon and genuinely thought you were maintenance. Then felt like a massive idiot. You look so much like the Janitor it's ridiculous! Really well done, it's amazing!

Zelda posted on 18 November, 2010 - 00:51
Haha you look so epic! This is made of super awesome win!!

Quinzel posted on 28 March, 2011 - 21:27
This just totally made my day XD. Brilliant!

My__RoadOfBlood posted on 29 March, 2011 - 10:13
Oh man this is so much win. ;A; <3