Rinoa - Final Fantasy VIII




FF8 is my absolute favourite Final Fantasy game... And Rinoa kicks ass XD

Been meaning to do this cosplay since the dawn of time, but had trouble finding that darned elusive fabric. Had some that was perfect but needed dyeing... and the dye didnt stick (dubbed this attempt "Fail Rinoa"), so I threw a sulk and abandoned the idea. But then came across some good fabric in the right colour and thought... Its time for Rinoa XD

Gonna do this version and the Dion Rogers version, cos I love thems both XD


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Progress Journal

2nd March 2012

Duster Finished!

After a lengthy argument with my sewing machine, the duster is now all sewn together, and Ive appliqued on the wings and some front ties, and its all finished! Woo!! Its a bit scruffy, but Im still pleased! YAY RINOA XD

29th February 2012

Duster Progress

Cut out the pieces for the duster and pinned it together... just need to sew it all together and add the white wings on the back, then its done!

21st February 2012

Skirt Bought

Wig arrived a while ago, and Ive just picked up a denim miniskirt for the... well, skirt. Only missing the duster coat now!

12th January 2012

Wig Ordered

Ordered a wig. That is all XD

8th January 2012

Closet Items & Arm Warmers

Material has arrived... its a bit light, but not too bad. Also found a black top and black shorts that I can use, plus I dug out an old necklace that I made especially for Rinoa, with the ring on. Yay! 8D Also made a pair of arm-warmers... Yay! XD

2nd January 2012

Material Ordered

Ordered the material for the duster and arm-warmers!