The Sweet Transvestite
Rocky Horror Picture Show

Cosplayer: stitcher

Variant: Frankenfurter

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

18th May 2012: The tutorial. It's here!!! be nice. it's my first make up tutorial, AND my first tutorial of my own designs
but yeah here it is,
it took forever because I wanted it to fit in to just 2 songs so i had to cut a LOT of footage. but other than that I enjoyed making it. :)
Enjoy :)

13th April 2012: make up okay so it involves crazy amounts of work...
full face of white cream face paint,
a shed load of eyeshadow,
eyeliner felt tip,
a thin line of liquid liner,
blusher under the cheek bones
redish lipstick,
darker lipstick applied as liner,
a full face of hair spray to fix it,
then lip gloss OVER the fixative so my lips don't taste like death.

make up tutorial coming soon. :)

10th April 2012: Corset dilema, (Updates) so... my fabulous girlfriend gave be this waistcoat she had on the grounds that "it's very rocky horror, I think it would suit you more." and it's like pretty damn close to the original top thingy. lace up front backless waistcoat style doodah... and it needs a few tucks... but it's pretty darn perfect for something out of the blue. :)

21st February 2012: Corset dilema, (and binders) For my top half, I'm not sure to go with comfort or quality.
I hhave two black corsets that would be suitable.
One of which is better quality as it's steel boned, (It's also a lot prettier)
but my blastick boned one is ALOT more comfortable.
I'm wondering whether I can handle a full day in a damned difficult corset.
Also as the real sweet transvestite was actually flat chested.
is it worth me getting a binder? I have a lot to flatten if I'm honest but I'm sure if i lace my croset right it won't be too bad?

2nd January 2012: shoes, shorts, shake it. i've decided to use the same shoes and shorts as my sally bowles costume.

SHOES - because there's very little reference to shoes for dr frankenfurter on the internet mostly conflicting. so i figure any old black chunky heels will do. so black chunky shoes i have will do :)
SHORTS - I'm not confident enough to do the plain black knickers kind of look. so i'm going for the black hotpants. (sliiiiiightly more cover)
SHAKE IT - this is purely in refference to the hair. currently my hair is blonde and i rather like it this way. since wigs make me over heat and i'll be doing this mis may, I'm just going to wildly do my hair to match the style. expect a blonde sweet transvestite!

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 21st February 2012
Hi Fen, :)
Corset dilemma - I wouldnt worry about flattening down your boobs. In fact you could just go for a fem version if any one wanted to quibble. I think the drag makeup style will ultimately make the cosplay work.

Wyrdsister avatar

Wyrdsister - 22nd February 2012
I second that, go with comfy, they both look good on you :)

stitcher avatar

stitcher - 9th April 2012
thanks all :) I got given a far more accurate top which I'll post pictures of, which now has sorted the issue of boob-flattening, and is FAR comfier than both corsets together :) I'll post pictures tonight or tomorrow :)

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 10th April 2012
Will there be a stage performance for masquerade? :P

stitcher avatar

stitcher - 10th April 2012
I'm rather tempted, but I've never done one before at expo so i don't really know what goes on with them :P I know all of the songs, and I've got the right voice to sing his stuff... but i'm not even sure how you sign up for something like that :P

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 11th April 2012
I will send you a pm with all you need to know. ^_^

animekid3000 avatar

animekid3000 - 24th December 2012
FRANKIE!! your Frank is awesome! <3