Duela Dent (Joker's Daughter) - Teen Titans





I made this for a halloween fancy dress.

I live near a fabric warehouse so all my fabrics are wholesale prices lol

Loved making this as I never used a pattern, just made it as normal for me.
Only had 3 Comic drawings to work from.
Found a fantastic striped fabric in the warehouse at £1.50 a meter. The purple lining fabric (shot silk style) was goven to me by a friend in a huge bag of fabrics.

Was really easy to make to be honest once I had gone into it and taylored it all to my size.

Dye hair red or wear a red wig. Paint skin white, Red lipstick and done.

I ended up wearing my Gun Nun costume for the DC V's Marvel costume comp and came 2nd wearing that instead. It was too hot in the club and was getting grim under so much white body paint lol


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