Karura - Utawarerumono




What can I say? I like chunky jewellery ^_^

I first made this costume for Minamicon 15, but was so unhappy with it I decided I wanted to remake it for Ayacon. However, due to unforseen circumstances and the utter problem child that Pronyma was, I left the jacket, arm guards and chain alone.

The top and shorts are burgundy spandex - and I destroyed more than one pattern trying to make the shorts. They are hideous to look at close up, but the jacket hides most of the problems.

The jacket was made using a pattern for a Jedi robe, shortening the sleeves and adding the extra decoration. The biggest issue was finding the colours - they were IMPOSSIBLE!

She technically wears bandages around her arms and legs, but I was running out of time and couldn't dye any (or afford them), so instead used black socks. The shoes were bought for the cosplay so I could paint the soles, but ran out of time to do the rest of the boot armour.

The wig was (thankfully) a lot better than my previous, if a little long. The ears took to this one much better, but it did have a habit of slipping over my shoulder.

The chain is made from milk tray plastic wrapped in paper mache, and then painted with 3 layers of gun metal grey acrylic paint. Its not very accurate, but it's comfortable and looks great, so its grown on me despite its faults.

Finally, the sword - I knew I wanted a prop for Karura, and in a toss up between a sake bottle and her sword, her sword won out. The base was a foam sword from Poundland, with the handle painted grey and the handle wrapped in white electrical tape. The sword itself is milk tray plastic folded into the right shape with copius amounts of masking tape, paper mache, then a layer of cloth tape before being painted with black acrylic and a layer of varnish. I utterly loved it, but it was sadly damaged beyond repair after the photoshoot, so was left at the con.


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